Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hi Friends!  Gosh I haven't posted in a while!  There has been a lot of life changes in the past months, major life changes!  One of which is that I moved to a new place.  I'm finally settled in. . .not quite done unpacking and organizing but my new place is livable.  Livable means I could resume crafting, not like I used to but I have been able to squeeze in time to make cards and crochet as well.

I finally reopened my Etsy Shop and added a few new cards and crochet flowers.  If you have the time, stop by and check out what I listed.  As the holidays approaches, I'll be adding crochet hats and other holiday items.

Anyway, hope all of you are doing well.  Below are a few cards I made the past few days!!  Thank you for stopping by, Friends!

Etsy Shop: Inspired & Unscripted
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