Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crazy 4 Challenges - C4C85

Hello Friends! Did you all watch William & Kate's wedding? I recorded it but haven't had a chance to watch it but I've seen snippets of the wedding. We went on a trip to Europe during the winter of 2009 and was able to visit Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey so it's really nice to be able to say that I've been there. . .I wish I knew they were going to get married, I may have waited to visit England this year instead. . .oh well.

Hey. . .it's Crazy 4 Challenges time again! And this week Silke came up with a "challenging" challenge but not too challenging. The challenge is a recipe challenge: 3 different designer paper, 2 flowers, and a button!

Stop by C4C and check out all the beautiful cards the crazy gals created or stop by their individual blogs:

* Barbara Anders
* Cindy Haffner
* Frances Byrne
* Jessie Rone
* Joanne Grzelak
* Joycelyn Pelkey
Lynda Benden
*Silke Ledlow
* Silke Kittmann
* Tammy Hershberger
Vicki Garrett

I'm again using my Unity Stamps. . .I have a ton of their stamps and I love all of them! I've only recently been using them despite purchasing their Kit of the Month for over a year. I know. . .it's sort of crazy to purchase stamps and never use them. I just can't keep up with my purchases! LOL!

The 2 best things I've done in regards to crafting were to learn how to sew which I started in January of this year and I've sewn several bags and various projects since. . .and the second thing is that I learned how to crochet. I've started crocheting some time in August of last year! Crochet I feel is a real skill. . .sewing is more the ability to follow directions. I'm so glad I took the time to learn how to crochet because I'm able to make my own crochet flowers among other things but I like the fact that I can whip up a crochet flower whenever I need it and not have to buy it! I save a lot of money that way! Crocheting takes a bit of practice but once you've got the basic stitches down pat, you can create a lot of different projects! I'm learning to knit right now but I haven't had the chance to really sit down and work on a project. I'm still busy learning how to sew which, honestly, isn't too hard. I think crocheting is a more difficult craft to learn and knitting much harder. You should try to learn new crafts. . .it's really fun to learn something new. I would love to learn how to use resin so I can create pendants for my jewelry projects. I think that will be my next craft that I want to try to learn!

Anyway. . .I guess that's it for today. There isn't much about my card to talk about. . .:)

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Small Things Matter Most Card

Hi Friends! I've been saving this card to post on a rainy day when I don't have anything to post but I'll probably forget about it so I decided to just post it! I've done that many times in the past. I would create a project and forget to post it then it gets lost in my pile of other projects. Besides, not having anything to post actually motivates me to create something; otherwise, I tend to slack off a bit knowing I already have several projects already created and ready to post.

I've been into "yellow" cards this week. . .actually, I've been trying to use up designer paper that I've cut up rather than having them pile up on top of an already huge pile of scraps! I cannot even begin to tell you how many scraps of designer papers and card stock I have. I try to use them but I always want to use a new designer paper but it's beginning to become quite ridiculous. I'm tripping all over my scraps. . .as a matter of fact, I've been stuffing them in whatever space I can find to stuff them in and I'm running of space to stuff them! Ugggh! I badly need to purge . . .one day I'll find the courage to let go of all the stuff I no longer need but . . .not right now.

Yup, I used my Unity stamps again and don't be surprised to see more cards and projects using their stamps. That's another thing. . .I have piles of Unity Stamps that I haven't even taken out of it's mailing package. It distresses me whenever I pass by the huge pile of stamps.

There isn't much to discuss about my card. . .there's no technique or anything special that I did to it. Just stamped and stuck on embellishments.

I love wire ribbons because they hold their shape. I don't have too many of them but they make for pretty bows.

I do like designer papers that have designs that can be incorporated as an image such as the leaves on the designer paper. There are a lot pretty designer papers that can be used as a focal point rather than just a background design.

Anyway. . .that's it. . .hope you all have a wonderful Friday evening!!

Creations by AR Winner and Butterfly Beaded Book Mark

Hello Friends!!! Before I talk about my book mark, I want to announce the winner of the Creations by AR blog hop. Before I announce the winner, I would like to thank all of you commented and played along! It was a blast! Via, number 56 was chosen; therefore, the winner is Monica of Balsamo Dell"anima! Congratulations Monica! Please contact me at to claim your prize!

I've been having a blast creating book marks of all types. This time I used a cute gingham ribbon with a butterfly charm. I'm in the process of creating various types of book marks. I'm an avid reader . . .I take the time to read a book at least once a day. . . normally before I go to bed. Do you like to read? I love to read thrillers, literary novels, mystery and suspense, historical types of books, classic novels and once in a while romantic/love stories but not "romance" books.

Anyway, because I love to read, it inspired me to create book marks and I'm hoping to sell them in my Etsy store sometime soon. I haven't really sold anything on Etsy but I think I've created enough things to stock my store. I'll probably work on posting a few items starting next week. I hope you'll stop by and visit and check out what I have for sale.

Okay. . this is the cute gingham ribbon I used for my book mark. It's connected to antique bronze metal clasp so that I can add my jewelry components to the ribbon. I prefer this type of book mark rather than a paper/card book mark. They are prettier and they don't wear out like card book marks.

Anyway. . .that's it for today! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Moon and Stars Card

Hello Friends! Happy Thursday to all of you! Well, I decided to actually stamp something today. . :) I don't rubber stamp as often as I once did and the irony is I have a gazillion stamps that honestly, will probably never touch ink. . in my life time anyway. I'll try my best to use as many as possible but well, it's just not possible to use them all. I've been a rubber stamp collector for the past 6 years. . .I'm not sure what it is about crafters but we seem to have to buy every craft item we can or cannot afford.. .I'm sure I could probably buy a brand new car in cash with all of the craft stuff I've collected throughout the years.

I decided to use my Unity stamps for my card. When I was into "coloring" my outline stamps, I basically ignored my Unity stamps because well, most of their stamps are solid stamps. Now that I don't like to color images as I once did, my solid stamps are now my go to stamps when I make a card. I'm in love with them again! Yay! I held on to many of my solid stamps because I knew that one day I'll use them again one day and well now, I'm so glad I never sold any of them!

I just added a bit of Stickles to the image to give it a little bling.

I used my Stickles Iridescent Paint to create the dots on my punched stars. My card actually took me less than 30 minutes to create . . .nothing about my card required much work so creating it was really quick! I LOVE it!

I'll probably create another card today and may post it if I have the time. Anyway, I hope you all have a beautiful Thursday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creations by AR Blog Hop and Release

Hello Friends! Welcome to Creations by AR Blog Hop and template release! Whoohoo! There are 2 new template being released today. . . Ribbon Keeper and Menu Keeper

Come play along with us and you may have a chance to win a Creations by AR template! All you need to do is comment my blog. You have multiple chances to win by just hopping on over to the the rest of the design teams' blogs and comment on the their blog! I will announce the winner on Friday, April 29th! Good luck!

Now hop on over to Sarah's blog. . :)

If you get lost along the way. . .here are the list of the design team:

Okay. . .this is the "menu keeper" but I tend to look through recipe books rather than filing them so . . .I decided the menu keeper makes for a wonderful "photo keeper". .:) To be quite honest, I was initially going to create a mini album with the inserts but didn't have time to complete it so I decided to create the photo keeper instead. This menu keeper has multiple purposes. . .:) It also comes with a stand (see the first photo) for your recipes or photo.

I labeled each of the tabs and added a photo to each of the inserts that can be used for your recipes, behind each tab are photos based on the label. For example, I have one labeled "Mother & Daughter", another is "Alexis" and the last one "Mark & Maria". I made extra inserts for any other photos that I'm going to store.

I created the flower using fabric. What I did was create a baste stitch on a strip of fabric using my sewing machine and gathered one end like you would if you were creating ruffles then I glued the fabric in a circular manner similar to creating paper flowers. I then added beads to the center. I thought a cute butterfly would be perfect for the flower. I created a shabby chic style tag and labeled it "photos". Last but not least, I added a seam binding bow and stuck beaded pins to it.

The other template being released is a "ribbon keeper" There are 2 sizes, regular and large. I used the "regular" sized keeper. As you can see you can store ribbons and there's a slot at the bottom for the ends of the ribbons to be pulled through.

I actually created the box to store my embellishments that's the reason why my box has the label "embellishments" rather than ribbons.

I added the shoe charm to my design. . I thought it was really cute!

Anyway, again don't forget to comment my blog and hop on over to the rest of the DTs' blogs!!!

That's it! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sending You A Happy Card

Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday! I worked on this card yesterday! My goal was to use up a few of my left over scrapbook paper. I had fun making this card. I decided to create a card that's just stamping and no digital stuff. I haven't been sewing because I've been having a bit of an allergic reaction to new fabrics. I started developing hives whenever I sew. . .can you believe it? I have major allergies . . .I have a reaction to so many things. . pollen, dust, animal dander, lint, fabric, dyes, metals and some foods. I also have problems with some of my craft materials. . .now, isn't that a kicker or what!

I used my Unity stamps on this card. I really love their stamps. I have their Kit of the Month delivered to me each month because they're only $26 for a $45 set if you join their Kit of the Month program. The stamps are large and there's quite a variety in each set. I felt it was worth the cost. I also really like their designs. . .many are very shabby chic, whimsical, vintage, and romantic. The designs are also very flexible. . .they're great for altered projects and scrapbooking as well.

I stamped the flower image on to the cardstock then cut the flowers out and layered them. I topped the flower with a Prima flower.

The only area of the card I could think of putting the sentiment was at the lower corner of the card. I just simply stamped it directly on to the designer paper. Typically, I would stamp it on a card stock and layer it over the designer oaper but I thought the flower was already over powering so I wanted to keep the sentiment simple.

Anyway, I've been having fun rubber stamping . . .I've been sort of losing my mojo for stamping but lately, my stamping mojo have returned and I'm actually enjoying it! It think I'm going to head to my craft room today and concentrate on making cards! Looks like it's going to be a fun day!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Digi Card Design

Happy Tuesday Friends! I decided to create another card using a digital scrapbook kit by Shabby Princess. The store's name is actually the Shabby Shoppe. . .if you want to buy their products. I love their kits and many are free! Yeah, I love free stuff! Anyway. ..I've been having fun using these digital images and such for my cards! I love how you can layer the images and create your own design. Hmmmm. . .maybe I can get into digi scrapbooking. I'm terrible doing it with the real stuff. . .I never have anything that matches but these digi kits should solve my problem.

One thing I've NEVER been is brand conscious. I don't care where my stuff is from or who makes them. . .if it's cute and I like it, it can come from the most obscure company and I'll use it. I never buy the latest and greatest (**cough**. .expensive) . .when I finally do buy something from a popular brand, well it's usually a year after its release and no longer the "hot" item but I still try to make it work somehow.
Anyway, I digressed. . .LOL! What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the digi scrapbook kit. Well, what I did was layer the striped paper design with the flower elements on Photoshop, then printed it. The kit that I used for this card was the Promise Kit, again from Shabby Princess. By the way, I'm not on their design team. . .I just found their site the other day while looking up free digi scrapbook kits in Google. Here is their blog. . .I love it. . :Click Here

I typed out the sentiment and layered it over the digital label and printed it on my computer. I wasn't in the mood to look for a stamp that would fit my label so I just created the sentiment myself. It was much faster to do it that way.

The flowers with the buttons look pretty real. . .but they're digi elements. The buttons with the flowers on top of it are real. . .I glued flower sequins on to the buttons just to jazz them up a bit.

Again. . I'm using the heart chipboard that I've been using the past few days. All I did was cut the heart using a Sizzix die, painted it with Making Memories acrylic paint and covered it with glitter. This is the last of a bunch that I made so you won't see the glittery heart until I'm in the mood to create more of them again. . LOL!

Last but not least, I created the bow with two ribbons and added the Prima flower. That's about it! Fun stuff!

Anyway, stop by Shabby Princess and check out their digital scrapbooking kits. . they're free for you to download!

That's it for today! Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Polymer Clay Beaded Plumeria Book Mark

Hi Friends! It's me again! Wow 2 post in one day. . .that's incredible for me! LOL! Yeah. . .you're not going to believe this but I'm actually ahead with my crafting. Rather than being lazy and setting aside my projects and not posting them, I decided to be a little more diligent and work on being a better blogger.

Honestly, I make more projects than I actually post on my blog but they're sort of the same things so I feel I'll bore you if I post similar projects. For example. . .yesterday, I posted a similar beaded book mark. It's a different design but again, a book mark. I always feel like I need to post something different all the time but heck, I made the stuff, why not share it anyway.

I'm thinking of selling these bookmarks on Etsy. . .what do you think? I feel a little intimidated selling anything on Etsy. Everyone is so creative on Etsy and I sort of feel that my stuff aren't creative enough. I always think "heck, who is going to buy my stuff". . .but I should at least try and see if anyone will buy the stuff I make. Besides, I have to be honest, I need play money. My husband is supportive but through the years, less so because I do buy a lot of craft stuff and sadly, I want to buy more! I've cut back on impulse purchases but from time to time, I badly want something and I decide not to buy it because I'm worried my husband will give me "that look".

Anyway. . .just a little info on my book mark. I created the plumeria flower polymer clay charm a while back. I intended to create a necklace with it but decided that it's best used for something else such as a bookmark. I really loved the rose trimming so I decided to use it. I really love how feminine it looks.

I haven't sewn anything for almost a week. I needed a change of pace but I think I'm going to work on sewing something today. Something crafty rather than a bag. . .or maybe work on an apron. I bought a few apron patterns a few weeks ago and haven't tried any of them yet.

Well. . that's it. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Thank You Card

Happy Monday Dear Friends! I'm on the ball today. . .why? Well, I actually created this card yesterday and rather than have it sit around, I decided to take a photo of it and pre-schedule this post! Yay!

I've been exploring a bit . . .do you digi scrapbook? Well, I don't but I've always loved the designer papers and scrapbook elements of digital scrapbooks so I went hunting on the Internet and found a few hybrid scrapbooking sites that provided free digi scrapbook kits. The designer paper on my card is actually a digi paper that I printed and I found the kit at Shabby Princess. The site has a bunch of free digi kits that you can download and use for digi layouts or in my case, to create cards! I LOVE the designer paper designs!

Isn't the designer paper design pretty or what? The rest of my card were created the normal way. I used my Unity Stamp for the sentiment and the rest of the card was just embellishing it with different elements.

The glitter hearts were created using my Sizzix die. I cut the hearts on chipboard, painted the hearts with Making Memories Acrylic Paint in an off white color then added glitters to them. I stamped the sentiment using my Unity Stamp and punched the circle.

Just another routine stuff that I've been using lately. . . .I dyed the seam binding with SU reinkers then added the Prima flower.

I have a ton buttons and lace so I added them to my card just to use them up. I have a ton more so it'll be a while before I run out so be prepared to see more cards and projects using lace and buttons. . .:)

Anyway. . .stop by Shabby Princess and check out all the pretty kits they offer. You'll love it!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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