Tuesday, March 3, 2015

4.5 x 6.25" Cards

 Hey There!!  It's me again!  I actually have time off today from my school assignments. The week starts all over again but it's a free day for me so I decided to blog something.  The cards I've posted are actually larger cards from the typical A2 card size.  These measure 4.5 x 6.25".  I had a bunch of Stampin Up envelopes that I wanted to use up so I made these larger cards.  I actually prefer it from the A2 (4.25 x 5.5") size cards because there's more room to work with.

I have a lot of "sentiment" stamps that I really would like to work with.  They're too large to use as a sentiment along with large images so I've been trying to incorporate images into the background of the sentiment designs.  Flower images really make for good background images for sentiments.

The fern images in the background are by Stampin Up.

The butterfly images are by Stampin Up as well.

I don't know who makes the rose image for this card.  I used a clear stamp but I threw away the packaging and now I can't remember the brand.  Sometimes clear stamps are difficult to use with markers.  They give that splotchy appearance on the image so I had to fill it in with Copic Markers.  I actually like the effect though.

The image on this card is by Flourishes and the paper is by Stampin Up.  I added dots to the image using iridescent paint.

Anyway, since it's my free day I think I'm going to spend my day making cards.  It'll be a fun day for me.  I hope everyone has a beautiful day!!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

More Cards. The Greeting Farm, House Mouse, Pink Cat Studio, Whipper Snapper

Hi there Friends!  I felt like blogging something today.  I'm back on my Fitbit routine.  On my last post I mentioned that I use Fitbit to track my walking and other activities as well as my caloric intake.  I went off it for about 2 weeks but I'm back on tracking my steps again.  Trying to lose weight and exercising regularly is such an effort.  My day actually revolves around it sometimes and it can get exhausting.  It's no wonder people can't stick to a diet or exercise routine.  The key is to not get to a point where you have to go on a diet and exercise is actually a normal life routine rather than something that you have to work at incorporating in your life.  I hope to get to that point one day.  In the meantime, it's a struggle.  

Anyway. . . .I'm sharing a bunch of cards I made in February.  I do make cards regularly but I no longer blog them regularly.  I'm still old school when it comes to making cards.  I haven't jumped on the CAS bandwagon.  Honestly, the CAS trend is killing the papercrafting industry. . .LOL!  I went to Joanne's a few weeks ago and I no longer saw the EK Success punches.  I love them!  I also saw less of a selection of scrapbook papers.  I didn't see any K&Company papers. I think they stopped making designer papers which I find very sad.  I loved their paper designs.  A lot of paper crafting businesses have closed down.  I think the scrapbooking industry has suffered the most by this CAS trend.  For consumers, it's a good thing because you no longer have to buy a lot of supplies to make a card or scrapbooking so it's good for your wallet.  Personally, I want my cards to look like I made them not emulate printed cards. I love blings and pretty paper designs.  I like my cards layered with bows with lots of pretty colors.  Anyway, that's just my opinion.

 The image on this card is by Penny Black.  I love Penny Black images.  They have really cute animal stamps.

The image on this card is by Whipper Snapper.  They also have very cute animal images.

The image on this card is by the Greeting Farm.  

 Awww and the image on this card is by Pink Cat Studio. 

That's it for today.  I have a paper to write for one of my classes.  I have so many papers to write, reading assignments, and projects to do.  This quarter has been a struggle for me.  I can't wait to finish.  I'm hoping to complete the program by May.  I have thought of getting my Master's degree but after going through this certificate program, I'm not quite sure I could handle it.  I love learning but I don't love writing papers and graduate school requires a lot of writing so I'm not sure it's something I want to do anymore.  The future is uncertain right now but I'm trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel but lately, it's been a bit of difficult to see it.  I'm just hoping things will work out and good things will come my way.

Thank you for stopping by and hope to blog again real soon!

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