Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Closer View of the Pictures

If you want a closer view of the pictures, click on the picture and you'll have a MUCH larger view of it. I kid you not! It's huge but this can be useful if there's a part of the card that may not be as clear because of its size and you wanted to see it in closer detail. Try it out and you'll see what I mean.

Goodnight folks, I'm going to bed. . .

Random Cards- Happily Ever After

I love coloring my images. . .honestly, I think that is what I am best at. I know a lot of stampers don't particularly like coloring their images because it does take time to do so as opposed to just inking an image and stamping it on to the cardstock.

Well, this stamp set is one of those that well, you really don't want to color in because in most cases, a wedding dress is white.

I wanted the dress to stand out a bit so I colored the edge with Pretty in Pink marker and added glitter by applying glue with a Zig glue pen and dusting fine clear glitter. You can't really tell by the picture but the outline of her dress is shimmery. Click on the photo and see a VERY close up view of the picture . . .and I mean CLOSE UP!

Here is the card details:

Stamp set: Happily Ever After
Ink: Pretty in Pink and Green Galore Markers, Pink Passion (may be substituted for Pretty in Pink or Pixie Pink) for the background
Paper: White Linen, Pretty in Pink, and White Glossy Cardstock
Accessories: Making Memories Heart brads and Embroidered ribbon, silver metallic cord

I made a few other cards using this stamp set. . .I'll update this post tomorrow with the additional cards. I'm a little tired today. . .

Until later. . .

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Daily Special Bonus - Sketch Challenge

Okay, okay. . .I'm using the same set - Winged Things . . .again. I promise this is the last one. This card didn't fit in with the color challenge so as a bonus I did a sketch challenge to go with my card. It's a simple sketch. Try it out and see what you come up with. As for the butterfly on the sketch, it can be any image and the ribbons can be a strip of cardstock with sentiments or a strip of images. Use your imagination!

Card Details:

Stamp set: Winged Things, Cute Converse
Ink: Pastels, Lovely Lilac markers
Paper: Honestly, I'm not sure - I believe it's Elegant Eggplant or Eggplant Envy and for sure Old Olive, DCWV Scrapbook Paper
Accessories: Lavender Organdy Ribbon, Large Silver Brads,

Daily Special - Color Challenge

Today's Daily Special is Color Challenge. I don't believe I've used this color combo challenge but hey, I may be wrong! Nonetheless, try it out anyway.

The color combo is Blush Blossom, Cranberry Crisp (may be substituted for Bravo Burgundy or Baroque Burgundy) and Old Olive.

I love anything with Old olive and I'm running out of it. It's time to order again.

Card details:

Stamp Set: Winged Things, Small Script, and Burst into Blue
Ink: Baroque Burgundy (may be substituted with Bravo Burgundy or Cranberry Crisp), Blush Blossom
Accessories: Organdy ribbons, Crafter's Tool Kit, Pewter small brads, foam tape, and Stickles

I made 2 other cards using the same colors but substituted the blush blossom for Positively Pink. I know it's the same stamp set but honestly, I may not use this set again for a few months, maybe even a year from now. I really need to use all my stamp sets and not only once so that's the reason why when I use a stamp set, I like to create more than one card with the goal of using all of the stamps in some form or manner.

Until later. . .

Update on January 28 Post - Cocoa Pocket Card

I added the tutorial to the Valentines Cocoa Pocket Card - post date January 28, 2007. I also changed the title to "Daily Special - Anything But Cards - Cocoa Pocket Card". Check it out by clicking here.

Until later

Monday, January 29, 2007

Daily Special - Sketch Challenge - Winged Things

This is the first time I've used this stamp set. I think it's a really cute stamp set. This took a while to make because of the multiple laying and corner punching, then cutting the images and mounting but in the end, I liked how this card turned out.

Card description:

Stamp: Winged Things, Little Pieces, Stipple Plaid, and Delight in Life

Ink: Positively Pink, Olive Green, Cranberry Crisp, Positively Pink Markers and pastel

Paper: Cranberry Crisp, Pink Passion, Old Olive, Positively Pink

Accessories: Marvey corner punches, American Craft Elements Ribbon, Stampin Up 1 1/4 and 1 3/8 inch punch, dimensionals, silver brads, and Card Connection daisy embellishments.

Here is the card sketch I used courtesy of Page Maps:

Try it out! It's an easy sketch and flexible. You can do a lot with it!

Until later. . .

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Random Cards

Just a bunch of cards I made before I started this blog. I can't remember the name of the stamp set and I've put it away. Unfortunately, I don't have an organized system for my stamp sets. I pile them where they fit so until I have the time to dig it up, I can't write the description No worries. . .I'll update this post when I do find the stamp set. If anyone knows the name of the stamp set, please let me know so that I don't have to dig through my crazy pile of stamp sets.

Daily Special - Anything But Cards - Cocoa Pocket Cards

***Update - Click Here for the Tutorial

I love this cocoa pocket card! I made one using the "Daisy Crazy" as the focal image. If you look at the picture, you'll see that you can pull on the ribbon and up comes the cocoa packet.

I added the same tutorial on my Card Inspired Blog Site because there are people who read only that blog and there are some that only read this blog. I really love this technique so I wanted to make sure both audiences have access to this tutorial.

I made a bunch of them for Christmas and gave them to my family and friends. It was a big hit! Click here for the Christmas Cocoa Pocket Cards I made.

Card description:

Stamp set: Daisy Crazy, Riveting, Watercolor Garden, Little Pieces
Ink: Baroque Burgundy, Old Olive, Pink Passion
Paper: Pink Passion, Pretty in Pink, Bravo Burgundy
Accessories: Organdy Ribbon, Slot punch, Cocoa Packet

Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Stamp Room is a Mess. . .Again!!

I can't believe how messy my stamp room got in the last two days! I just cleaned it 2 days ago. I was in limbo for a few days because workers were patching up my wall after installing another outdoor intercom system. By the way, I love our intercom system. We have an intercom in every room except the bathrooms and the closets. We installed a second one out in our patio. The builder botched up the first one and put it on the wrong end of the house next to our air conditioners. . .how stupid is that! Anyway, to smooth our feathers, they agreed to install a second one without charge. Whoohoo!

BUT. . .the wires ran through my stamp room walls! I had to remove my craft desk so they could work on it. After they were done, I cleaned up my room and it was all pretty. . .I then decided to head to the dollar store and buy a few items. . .a few items turned into a lot of items. I had no where to put them so I dumped them on the middle of my stamp room floor.

There's a lot of great things at the dollar store. I decided that one of my daily specials will be "dollar days". The plan is for me to use my imagination and create things with the dollar items I bought. I'll post whatever I come up with. Anyway, I need to return to my cleaning! Hopefully, I'll get my room cleaned up tonight!

Until later. . .

Friday, January 26, 2007

Wednesday's Daily Special - Retired Stamp Set Revival

Wednesday's Daily Special is "Retired Stamp Set Revival". As always, I'm late posting the cards. Anyway, the reitred stamp set is "Daisy Crazy". I thought this stamp set is so cute and appropriate for the upcoming Valentines Holiday.

Stamp set: Daisy Crazy
Ink: Old Olive, Lavender Lace
Cardstock: Orchid Oppulance, Lavender Lace, Old Olive
Accessories: American Craft Element ribbon, Organdy ribbon, Dimensionals

Stamp set: Daisy Crazy
Ink: Lovely Lilac, Lavender Lace, Old Olive
Paper: Lavender Lace, Lovely Lilac, True Thyme
Accessories: Organdy ribbon, scalloped scissors, large pewter brad, Crafter's Tool Kit

Thursday, January 25, 2007

No Card Creations Today

I actually did make a few cards today but I went out to dinner and CSI and Supernatural were on tonight - my two favorite shows on TV and well, I just didn't have the time to take pictures. I'll post a tutorial tomorrow on my Card Inspired Blog site Be sure to check it out. I'm not posting it on this blog site because I used non-Stampin' Up stamps but I'll add the link.

I do have a few cards that I did make with Stampin Up stamps so I'll post them tomorrow as well.

Anyway, I think it's time to go to bed. Goodnight!

Until later. . .

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bonus Special - Polished Stone/Embossing Technique

Yes, I decided to do another tutorial. I've been wanting to do a tutorial on the "Polished Stone" technique but because I have to take my own pictures, it's hard to do it with one hand on the camera and the other on the card. I posted a few cards with the Polished Stone/Embossing Technique on my "Card Inspired" blog site as well using the Water Color Garden stamp set and another stamp set (just can't remember which one right now) . Click here for more card samples.

For this reason I've been avoiding it but I decided to do it today! The pictures aren't a good depiction of how the cards look like in person because once again, I'm taking the pictures with no flash and low light and the pictures don't come out the way I want them to. I'll take pictures of the finished cards tomorrow in daylight and repost them.

This will be a four category tutorial. One on the polished stone technique and three on the embossing portion.

Here are the tutorials:


Rubbing alcohol
2 to 3 different colored ink refills or reinkers ( in this case I used Baroque burgundy, Green Galore, and Positively Pink)
Cotton ball (the less cottony, the better - the cheap cottons work best)
White Glossy Cardstock
Metallic reinker (optional - for the cards I created I did not add the metallic ink because I didn't have one handy at the moment). Click on the title of the post to be directed to the SCS tutorial using the metallic reinker.

Soak your cotton ball with the rubbing alcohol. I, normally dip the cotton directly from the alcohol bottle but I can't take a picture and tilt the bottle at the same time so I dipped from the cap.

Apply approximately 3 drops of each reinker on to the alcohol soaked cotton ball. When I say 3 drops, I mean to drop the ink on to the same area, not 3 separate drops for each reinker. When done, you should have only 3 dots on the cotton ball - one for each color.

In a up and down motion, ink the white glossy cardstock using the alcohol inked cotton ball. What you should see are multi-colored dots which appear to blend into one another creating a marbled appearance.

The end product should appear similar to this - a multi-colored marbled background.

Embossing portion of this tutorial:

Versamark ink
Loving Heart stamp set
Tray for the embossing powder
Glittery embossing powder (in this case, I mixed burgundy colored fine embossing powder with fine gold glitters)
The finished "Polished Stone" cardstock
Heating Tool

Ink the large heart from the set with the Versamark ink and randomly rubber stamp the marble cardstock.

Apply the glittery embossing powder and heat emboss the images.

The finished product should appear like the picture below. It's very glittery and stunning in person. It's hard to see this effect with the picture below.

Third part of the tutorial:

The same glittery embossing powder used in the previous tutorial
Versamark ink
Positively Pink Classic Ink
Large heart stamp
White matte cardstock

Using the Versamark ink, ink the stamp an stamp two images of the stamp on to the white matte cardstock.

Apply the embossing powder and heat with the heating tool.

Cut out the images.

Sponge Positively Pink ink on to the white portion of the stamped images. If you prefer, you could use Positively Pink cardstock instead of white cardstock but I hate wasting my good cardstocks when it's going to be basically covered up with the stamped image. Set the cut images aside.

Last step:
Positively Pink and Baroque Burgundy cardstock
Small heart from the Loving Heart stamp set
Versamark Ink
The same glittery embossing powders from the previous tutorial
Heating tool
Burgundy colored 5/8" organdy ribbon

Ink the smaller heart stamp using the Versamark ink and randomly stamp the Positively Pink cardstock, apply the glittery embossing powder, and heat with the heating tool. Shadow the edge of the cardstock with the sponge using the Positively Pink Classic ink. Finally mat on to Baroque Burgundy cardstock.

Tape the edge of the ribbons on to the back of cardstock, tie a bow to the front and mount the two heart images using foam tape on to the finished design.
To finish up the card, mount this front design on to the marbled cardstock using foam tape and finally mount on to a card base as shown in the final product below. Add any additional embellishments as you desire.

All done! Whew, sorry that it's such a long tutorial but for many beginner stampers, it helps to show all the steps. More advance stampers don't need all of the steps but as a courtesy to the novice stamper, I wanted to demonstrate every aspect of the card's creation.
Try it out and I'm sure you'll love the end results!
Until later. . .

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Daily Special - Color Challenge 2

Today's Daily Special is Color Challenge. The color combo was a combo from the SCS website. Click on the title of this post to be linked to the SCS gallery displaying cards using this color combo. The color combo are: More Mustard, Cranberry Crisp, and Sage Shadow - SCS Challenge CC91.

I chose this challenge randomly. I'm not sure I'm liking it but I worked with it anyway.

The two front chicks in the bunch were restamped on another piece of cardstock then cut out and I remounted them with foam tape to give them a 3D appearance. I did the same thing with the hatching chicks.

Here is the specifics of this card:
Stamp Set: Best of Cluck
Ink: More Mustard, Cranberry Crisp, and Sage Shadow, plus blender penPaper: Same as ink
Accessories: Crafter's Tool Kit (paper piercing) gold brads, gold elastic cord, Marvy Corner punch, foam tape

Try this color out and see what you can do with it.

Until later. . .

Monday, January 22, 2007

Daily Special - Anything But Cards 2 (Altered Clipboard)

Well, here is today's daily special - "Altered Clipboard". Scroll down for the tutorial. Okay, this is my very first altered clipboard and it actually, was pretty easy. I made a few mistakes along the way but it all worked out in the end.

Honestly, I'm not loving the colors I chose to use to create this clipboard. I really liked the scrapbook paper and the colors I chose to use were based on the color of the scrapbook paper.

I could have covered the whole clipboard with the scrapbook paper but well people, this blog is about rubber stamping so I needed to do a bit of stamping.

I made one crucial mistake when creating this clipboard. . .I used markers to outline my stamped images to have them stand out a bit and guess what!! They smeared when I applied the Modge Podge over it. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!

BUT. . . . there's a but in all of this! I was not about to trash this project so I covered my mistake by stamping a similar color cardstock, restamped the images, mat the image and applied alphabet die cuts to spell the word "NOTES", glued it on to the clipboard, then modge-podged over it. Never give up when making mistakes, there's always creative ways to fix a problem.

Now here is the tutorial:


Acrylic paint in various colors
Rubber Stamp set
Modge Podge
Sponge brush
Scrapbook paper (optional)
Stickles glitter (optional)
Ribbons (optional)

Alphabet Die Cuts (optional)
Prima Flowers (optional)

Using the sponge brush color the whole board with the acrylic paint. In this case, I chose an olive green colored paint. Set aside to dry.

Once the coat of acrylic paint is dry, ink your rubber stamp with the desired acrylic paint using the sponge brush. Randomly rubber stamp the images on to the clipboard.

I added Stickles glitter to enhance the flowers. When you've rubber stamped the clipboard as desired, set aside to dry.

Once the paint is dry, apply Modge Podge to the back of your scrapbook paper and glue on to the desired area of your clipboard.

Apply Modge Podge on to the whole clipboard including the scrapbook paper using the sponge brush. The Modge Podge helps to seal your design and protect them from the elements. Set aside to dry.

When the Modge Podge is completely dry, add ribbons and other embellishments as desired. This is the completed project.

That's it. Sounds simple, huh! There's a lot of drying time required in between each step so allot time in your day for these drying periods.

Try it out and have fun! Be creative. . .use various types of ribbons and scrapbook pieces. Personalize it with a monogram stamp or die cut.

Until later!

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