Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Cards and the American Music Awards

 Hi Friends!  Happy Holidays!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Gosh, I haven't posted in . . . .forever.  Well, close to 2 months to be exact.  There's so many life changes the past year and I'm still reassessing my life.  It hasn't been all bad. . .actually, there have been many happy moments especially during the summer.  With life happy moments came with a lot of stressful and depressing moments as well but I've moved passed them and can actually say I'm okay.

I've actually made a bunch of cards since the last time I blogged in early October.  Here are a few that I made.  If I have the time, I'll share more of them soon.

On an another note. . ..I've been "living" life as full as possible.  I've come to learn that things in life can't wait.  Personally, I want to enjoy life as much as possible and that means as simple as watching a favorite show or do things that I've dreamed of doing.  One of the things that I had a chance of experiencing that I have always wanted to do was to attend a music award ceremony and my daughter and I were able to do that the previous week.  We attended the American Music Awards!  Yay us!  I had the best time ever!!!  If possible, I'd like to go again next year!

Unfortunately, my camera did a terrible job at taking photos.  We weren't supposed to take any photos but I snuck in my camera and took a few photos and videos.  I have a few that are better but they're on my cell phone and I still haven't downloaded them yet.  This photo is of Nicki Minaj acceptance speach. 

I also took a video of Justin Bieber's acceptance speech and PSY/MC Hammer's performance.  Unfortunately my camera sucked. ..ugggh but I'll share the video anyway.  Next time I'll buy a better camera.

This is a short version of the video I took of the PSY's performance of Gangnam Style.  I actually took video of the whole performance but it was pretty long so I condensed it for viewing purposes.

We also had a fun adventure after the awards show.  We were looking for our parking structure and accidently landed in front of the AMA VIP party.  We didn't realize we were there until we started to see celebrities walking past us.  It was really strange because the celebrities were crossing the street unguarded like normal people.  I took several videos of a few celebrities that passed by us but I like this one because we said "hello" to Colbie Caillat and she said "hey" to us.   We were surprised that she acknowledged us.  My daughter was giggling afterwards.  Colbie was so sweet. 

If I have the time I'll upload a few of the other videos on another day.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful time this Holiday Season

Until next time. . . .
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