Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year and Valentine's Day Cards - Unity Stamps and Kraftin' Kimmie

Happy New Year Friends!  Did you all have a wonderful start of the year?  Honestly, I started on the wrong foot. . . .it started off with quite a few issues but I think it's settling down and maybe at this point it'll get better.  On a happier note, I actually started on a diet and fitness plan and have stuck to all of my goals for the past 5 days.  It's a good start and I'm confident I'll be able to stick with it.  I do have to come to terms that I won't be able to eat the way I have been eating for years.  I think with time it'll get easier.  I just need to remain focused.  My daughter said that I shouldn't be negative about it but I am being honest with myself. . .I think it's okay to grieve over it. . .LOL!  I can't believe I'm grieving over food. . .but it is a loss.  For example, my daughter and I were out shopping yesterday and she suggested that we stop by to eat breakfast somewhere and I told her I couldn't and wanted to eat at home.  It disappointed her and it's disappointing to me too because this is something we loved doing together but until I can get into the habit of not eating fatty food, eating out in a restaurant will just sabotage my goals.  

I was thinking of purchasing the Fitbit Flex but it's pricey so I need to hold off on it right now.  Eventually I think I will buy it but I need to work out a fitness plan first before I do.  I need to concentrate on changing my eating habit first before I can think of going on a fitness plan head on.  I don't want to burn myself out early in the game.  It's one step at a time.

Anyway, let me talk about the cards I made.  The sentiment on the card above was rubber stamped using an Inkidinkado clear stamp. The designer paper is by Stampin Up.

I used a Unity Stamps for this card.  It's a simple design but the paper design helps bring color to the card.

This image is by Kraftin' Kimmie!  This is the first time I've inked it.  I really love the Stampin Designer paper design with the little hearts.

For this card, I used Unity Stamps again.  In contrast to my previous card, this card is really busy but I like it. 

Anyway, my goal for this year is to blog more often.  Not exactly daily but maybe several times a week.  I hope I can stick to this goal.  Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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