Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vintage Shabby Chic Thank You Card

Hello Friends! Well, I had an opportunity to make a card yesterday. The fun thing about it is I was able to work with images that I didn't need to color. Online there are a lot of blogs and web sites that share "vintage" images and ephemera for free. For those not familiar with ephemera, they're basically vintage or antique collectibles primarily photos, post cards, letters, images, etc. Artist and crafters use them to create various projects such as cards, ATC collages, decoupage, scrapbooking, altered art and other crafty items.

Way back when I first started rubber stamping, I did primarily collage artsy fartsy type of handmade cards until I sort of entered into the mainstream rubber stamping world and started creating a more mainstream style of card designs. . .basically, whatever is popular at the moment. Well, I decided to return to creating the style of cards that I started off with. . .I guess you can say I'm returning to my roots. LOL!

Back then, I would order the ephemera from Ebay. There were sellers that sold the images in CDs or actual photos and postcards but now that blogging is popular, sharing of images have become wide spread and much more accessible which is WONDERFUL. Below I shared a few links to blogs and websites that provide free ephemera images. There are tons of them and I can't wait to discover more of them.

I had created the background using images shared by Vintage Catnip and
and overlapped the script design over the floral design to create a scripted floral background. I posted the modified images below if you want to use them.

I also created a ticket tag and added the word "thank you". I couldn't find a ticket that had the sentiment thank you so I created my own. Again, I shared the image below.

The floral image is an image from Vintage Holiday Craft. They have a ton of free images. I altered the flower by cutting it out and adding glitter to the image.

With the flower, I altered it a little by adding glitter. When using clip art images for card making, to make it your own rather than just printing and pasting an image on to a card stock, alter it by adding glitter, embossing it, add embellishments and other elements to make them original otherwise, it won't feel like you made the card. Well, that's my view anyway. . .:) With the image already colored and all you need to do is print it, you have more time to jazz up the image as opposed to when you color an image yourself. . .because it takes so much time to color it, adding more elements to it just feels like a lot of work so there is a benefit to using colored images.

Here is the image that I altered. Like I said, I used a floral background and overlaid a scripted image over it to create a scripted floral back ground. Click on the image and "save" the image to your computer

This one is vertical.

Here is the thank you ticket I created. I just realized it's a little crooked but it's still useable.

Here are a bunch of websites and blogs that I found that share vintage images for free. Go check it out. . .I spent almost an hour downloading images yesterday. I can't wait to create more vintage shabby chic cards!!!!

Anyway, that's it for today. If you're not familiar with shabby chic vintage style cards. .. try it out. It's fun to create them and I think they're really pretty.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!!


Sheri Gilson said...


Leigh said...

Wow Maria, I love your new blog. And Thank you for the digi paper. It's wonerful! Wow you spent so much time and effort to find the freebie places. How do you find the time? Thank you!

paperpapier said...

Hi Maria,
I have been trailing you eversince I saw your tutorial on altered heart-shape box, which left a lasting impression on my mind...!! I was a bit sad when you announced on your blog that you will be moving towards other fields and won't be so focus on card-making or paper project. Your tutorials are fantastic, I love all your creations, they are so inspiring and has always ignited my desire to craft after reading your blog.
This card is truly awesome, something which I am struggling to do - vintage. Again, your input and advice are so invaluable here...thanks a million Maria for sharing your creativity and helping people like me (who is struggling with card creations or anything crafty) with you inspiring project.
Looking forward to your paper project...big hugs, Heaney

Work'nPlay said...

Thanks for linking to my Vintage Holiday Crafts site. I'm so glad you found images you like there.

I love the way your card came out! I'm a big fan of combining vintage and glitter, so this design is right up my alley! Well done. :-)


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