Tuesday, March 3, 2009

High Hopes Reject! LOL!

Hi Friends! Well, I have sad news. . .I was rejected! I decided to submit a card to be a High Hopes guest designer and I received an email stating I wasn't chosen for a guest designer position. Actually, it's okay! It was fun applying. Do I feel bad? No. . .it would have been fun if I was chosen and I would have felt lucky. I love stamping and crafting so it doesn't matter if I'm rejected! LOL! Honestly, that's all that matters. . .that I'm having fun!! Okay, the lottery is a different story.

I have a story regarding the lottery. Last week, I bought $5 worth of lottery ticket for the Super Lotto. . .well, when I looked at the website, I saw that I had 3 numbers plus the mega meaning I won $51. I checked 3 times. Well, I went in and turned in my ticket and the lady gave me $2. I was confused. I KNOW I won $51. I wasn't crazy when I checked the numbers so I was like "how can it be $2?" It was my mistake that I didn't sign the back of the ticket.

I asked to see my ticket because I could not understand why I only won $2. She gave me back "a" ticket. . .I'm not even sure if it was mine because I didn't sign the ticket. I honestly believe she switched my ticket or switched the winning amount. I think she pocketed my winning amount. The lady at the counter was a young girl and she looked like she needed the money. I saw her run my ticket twice while talking to her boy friend who was on the other side of the counter chit-chatting with her. I think I was conned.

My husband told me to forget about it but I was upset! I saw new stamp sets with that $51 that I suppose to have won. Arggggh! Okay. . .lesson learned. . .sign your ticket and watch the person at the counter closely or make a copy of your ticket before turning it in so you have proof that you won a certain amount. Arrrgggh! I'm still upset about it. I can buy a lot of stuff with $51!!!

Okay, here's the card I submitted for the guest DT position application. I thought I did a good job. I mean, I even added extra bling! LOL!

Anyway. . .just a little bit about my card. . .I colored High Hopes Marissa using my Copic Markers. Okay, isn't she a cutie or what? I added a whole load of SU Crystal Effects to parts of the image. . .and a bit of bling and that's about it.

I followed the sketch provided for the applicants. It was a fun sketch! Anyway. . .can't wait to see who made it as guest designers. I'm sure they were supah-dupah talented. Congratulations to them. Maybe I'll try again the next opening. I may get lucky next time!! LOL!

Just a close up of my card. Can you see the shiny effect of the Crystal Effects?

Anyway, hope y'all have a fabulous day!!

Card Details:

Stamps: High Hopes Marissa, Heidi Grace
Paper: Prima Inc. designer paper, SU Bravo Burgundy, Sage Shadow (I think)
Ink: Copic Markers, SU Bravo Burgundy
Accessories: SU Crystal Effects, Darice rhinestones, Satin Ribbon, Hemp cord, Fiskar scallop Scissors


Lisa Olson said...

OOooo Maria this is fantastic such a fun image and great layout...I love it!!

Joy said...

this card is so adorable! I don't know what High Hopes was thinking but if I had a company...I would love for you to be a designer for me! you cards are always so full and alive! happy girl's day!

Denise said...

Sorry you didn't win, I love the card! It's their lost....
About the lottery ticket, I think you better sign & copy it next time. That is so unreal how people can be so dishonest. It irks me.

Shelly said...

That is one terrific card, Maria. The competition must have been stiff for your card not to win. But you're always a winner with your blog followers. : ) That's why we keep coming back.

What a bummer about your lottery money. Remember the lady has to live with what she did. Her dishonest ways will catch up with her.

CreativeMish said...

What a great card! I love the image and you always do such fabulous coloring! Bummer about the lottery! I hardly ever buy a ticket but next time I do I'll be sure and sign it!

Joey said...

Hi Maria, your card is gorgeous, so full of colour, I love it. joey.x

Unknown said...

Sorry about the disappointment. I too was rejected recently only to find out today that their new DT copied one of my submission and is using it as a class now.

Sandra said...

Love your card, sorry you didn't win....if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
It's so sad that people will stupe so low as to do that to others. I never ever sign mine either, but will start.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maria! The coloring on your card is awesome. I know it must have been a big disappointment, but you have such an awesome attitude about it. This just means something better is in store for you! Dust your shoulders, girlfriend!

de said...

Wow Maria, I'm so sorry about the lottery and the non-acceptance from High Hopes! Regardless, we all love your work! You're always a winner to us! And just remember its just THIS time. Maybe next time, or next company, you'll be chosen! Your card is AWESOME. I love the crystal effects. It looks perfectly put together, coordinated and colored.

That really stinks about the lottery card. I probably would have forgotton to sign it as well. Maybe you should report it to the manager there. If others have complained, they may see a pattern and do something about it. I'd be peeved too!

Well hope the rest of your week gets better! Get out and take some pics! I have to figure out what I'm doing for my first assignment... hmm.

JackieLou said...

How hilarious Maria. So so funny. I Love this card. Shoot they said no to one of the tops in paper craftin' it's their lost hehehehe.

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Bummer about the ticket! and bummer about not being chosen!

I think your card is a winner!!

Cathy said...


Sorry about your rejection:( I totally understand how you feel!!! LOL! Your card is really alive with color and your coloring is great as usual.

The lottery situation is just sad. People can be so deceiving. It's amazing to me how people act but you know that they will answer for that at a later date. I think you're a super person and a talented crafter.

Hugs, Cathy

Risa said...

Your card is pure awesomeness Maria! Your image is colored beautifully and your layout is perfect.
I was also turned down for HH Guest DT position and I'm not upset either. I was satisfied with what I turned in and what can ya do?
I'm sorry about your lottery ticket episode. Some of those people behind the counters are a bit shady and you really need to be careful and make sure to sign your ticket thr next time.
On an happier note, have a great day and a sunny tomorrow!

Ila said...

Your card is Super Gorgeous Maria!!...I am so glad I didn't have to pick the GT's...It would be so hard...I understand there were over 200+ entrants!!
The lottery....now I guess that was happening in our town....So now you have to sign the back first before they will scan it..So Sad and maddening though that someone would steal this way!!...Hugs, Ila

Smita said...

This card is very cute Maria. You are such an inspiration to so many of us out here that it shouldn't matter if you didn't make it to one team! Imagine how much you mean to your friends, fans and followers... isn't it all worth more than a Guest Designer position?! Sounding preachy, am I? ;-)


Rihani said...

Your card is gorgeous Maria! You did a great job and High Hopes are crazy for not picking you!! :) It's their loss!
What a shame about the lottery ticket! It's so annoying when you know something is not right but you just can't prove it. I hope fate intervenes and you somehow get your $51 another way!! :)

Debra said...

Maria, the thing about the lottery ticket really bothered me. In Canada you can contact the lottery corporation and let them know. They will investigate. You should see if that is an option. They will be able to find out if that girl won any money on that specific lotto. Tell them your suspicions. In Canada they have been investigating the percentages of winners coming from lotto sellers and have in some cases found people out.

Your submission card was great - so it will be interesting to see who was chosen for that DT!

Little C's Creations said...

Your card turned out superlicious!! Sorry about the lottery ticket, ya, you better make a copy or sign it next time. But lucky you guys can play lottery, you know how it is down here.... As for being a Guest Designer for HH, das ok, sister... u are a superfabulous creator in EVERY WAY.

Big Big Hugs,

Elena said...

I am really-really sorry, Maria about the DT... I don't know what did they want, why didn't they chose you... I feel so sad...
And the lottery story is alos sad. Oh boy...
Hope that things will go better and you will not feel so upset!

Heather Schlatter said...

Hi Maria,

Well this card is very worthy of a DT appointment the image is totally adorable!!!

I have now applied for over 20 teams and just can not seem to be choosen it really starts to get you down after a while you know!!!

You are lucky that you are on several teams and I think I would have definetly choosen you off this card!!!!

You are awesome.

I am so sorry about the Lottery thing that is plain flat wrong, and I bet it happens a lot these days!!!

Great Job Jodi!!!


Janna said...

Ahh, I am sorry that you weren't chosen. I would have chosen this card! It is so, so adorable!!! I love the color combo and the crystal effects adds so much shine! The coloring is superb and the papers are amazing! You did a great job!

That is awful about your lottery ticket! So, so frustrating!! I hate when people are dishonest!


Anonymous said...

You know, someone said here that "they said no to one of tops in the crafting world" or something to that affect. I can't help but feel that you're thoughts are "huh! I can't believe they said no to ME." You should just be thankful - aren't you like on the 6 other DTs, one being recently appointed to The Greeting Farm. Wow!! I think I'd focus on your art, which you are really good at and the positives that YOU are on other design teams. Congratulations on your TGF DT! A position I could have only dreamed of getting.

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