Monday, March 16, 2009

Swinging Lily Card

Hi Friends!! Happy Tuesday to you all!! Remember I posted that I recently joined Facebook. Wow, it's been a bit strange because I've "re-connected" and actually talked (write) to people I haven't spoken to since elementary school and stranger still, they were neighbors of mine. The strange thing about being a child is that you can live next to someone throughout your whole childhood and if you hang out with a different crowd, you never or rarely ever talk to the person next door. LOL!

Are you close with your current neighbors? I'm not. . .I was close to my neighbor to the right of my house but they got divorced and moved away. That was sad because I really liked them as neighbors. In place, we have new neighbors but other than saying "hi" to one another, we haven't spoken much. I have a neighbor to the left. . .he's an "artist". . he pretty much keeps to himself. He lives alone and has a 3500 square feet home. . .I wonder what he does with so much space. LOL! With 4 people in our home and with the same amount of space. . .we don't even step into a lot of spaces in our house so I can't imagine him needing that much space.

I once had a neighbor when we lived in Hawaii and she would knock on my door almost daily. At one point, quite honestly. . .I would hide out because come on. . . .I don't need that much neighborly love. LOL! Seriously! She was a single mother who really was lonely but as soon as I would get home from work, she's at my door which after a period of time, drove me bananas. I had things to do . . .like cook, take care of the kids, chores, etc. . .and really didn't have the time to entertain her on a daily basis. I liked her but it got to be too much at one point. I finally, had to set her straight. . .in a nice way, that I'll meet with her once or twice a week.

Anyway. . .enough of the chit-chat. Here is a card I created using Pink Cat Studio Enchanted Lily. At first I wasn't liking the brown shading around the image but it's grown on me. LOL!

Nothing much to say about the card. . .I just colored the image with my Copic Markers.

I've been trying to avoid using my Prima flowers because at one point, every card I made had at least one Prima flower on it. I couldn't help adding them on this one because Lily was calling out to have flowers surround her. LOL!

Anyway. . .I have to get back to my laundry. I have at least 3 more loads to go.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!!

Card Details:

Stamps: Pink Cat Studio Enchanted Lily, Inkadinkado
Paper: K&Co and DCWV designer paper, Yello (?), SU Cool Caribbean
Ink: Copic Markers, SU Blue Bayou, Tim Holtz distressing ink
Accessories: Fiskar Scallop Scissors, SU Small oval punch, Making Memories Ribbon, Hero Arts Flowers, Deja View Brads, Coluzzule Circle Template


Risa said...

Maria you are too funny! I love your card girl! Your image is adorable and your embellishments and color combos are terrific!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria! Haha! I agree with're so funny! This card is so beautiful. The colors are perfect. Primas are good! I have yet to use mine...hehehe. TFS! =)

~ Gracie

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Wow, this is stunning Maria and I just adore this colour scheme, awesome colouring as usual, Have a great day, Big Hugs, Nikki x

Danni said...

Neighbors are so funny! I am a pretty keep to myself kind of neighbor but I am always kind and polite.
Love your card! I'm hoping to ink this set up today!!

inlovestamping said...

This card is so adorable!!! Love the layout..but then you always have the cutest layouts!! I also have to agree with the others I love the color combo!

Rita said...

Gorgeous card Maria, I luv this Lily image on the swing & your colors are so beautiful!

We have great neighbors & say hi & talk outside once in awhile. The ones that were here originally when we all built our houses are still here except for 2 who moved away after a divorce. We all used to get together once a week for coffee when our kids were growing up but now that all the kids are grown we are all too busy doing our own thing & rarely see each other now.

Stephenie said...

Maria somehow I erased you from my blogroll, I was in horror when I discovered this. I think I did it when I edited some and removed your other blog that you are no longer doing. =0) I've missed your blog and creations=0) Beautiful card, love it! Hugs=0)

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Oh Maria, you really crack me up!
Lily is adorable! and Primas are really addicting... I'm so happy that Primas are so diverse now :)
As always, great work!

Michelle said...

I just love your swinging lily card. Very pretty and I presonally love all the flowers that you include in your cards. It's just another WOW factor to your stuff!

Jodi said...

Very cute card! I love these colors together! Fab job coloring too! =)
Jodi =)

CreativeMish said...

Very cute card. When I first moved into my neighborhood we were all new. These was about 8 houses that had BBQ's all the time, played cards, etc... Then gradually almost everyone moved, or changed jobs or kids grew and had other activities. I hardly every see or know any of my neighbors anymore. Its sad.

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Love the story. LOL! We live in the country and the closest neighbor is a mile away, so no problem.

Love the spring feel to this card.

2 Worlds said...

I was never a neighbor person also, here I live in a condo that most of them are single and just one couple that are much older, so no friends around.

Heather Schlatter said...

Hi Maria,

Yes I am very close with my next door neighbor we talk every day many times for hours a day!!!! We help each other out all the time with the kiddo's and such. My only sorrow on that one is that her youngest is one month older than my oldest and my youngest is 5 years younger than her youngest so she is soon to be moving onto another stage of mother hood and we will not be able to trade each other back and forth so much!!!!

I do not know what I would have done without her the last few years as we have no family anywhere near us.

I remember when we lived in Hawaii there were these 4 men all Hawaians living next door. They would invite me and my brother over to see their huge fish tanks and amazing gardens in the back yard. They were very kind and caring men, looking back now as an adult I can now see they were two couples of men living together but I never realized that as a 12 year old girl. Funny what we realize as adults that as kids we are too inocent to know. They were really great neighbors. When we first moved to Hawaii we lived in a Condominium Plex and had a couple of really neat places. Many of the people who came and went were Alaskan's that were on vacation. It was also a fun place to live!!!

I love your Lily Card!!! I did throw my name in the hat for the Inky Impressions however it is becoming quite comical as I have applied for over 20 teams and my Pink Cat Guest Spot is the only "Company DT" I have recieved the honor of!!!

I think now I am out to set a record on how many teams I can apply for and not get!!!! LOL!!!!


Heather Schlatter said...

Oh I forgot to say we too have about 3,500 square feet to, but we pretty much use all the space in our house every day!!! We are pretty spread out and use the whole house!!! LOL We do have 3 small kids though so the whole house is pretty much different play rooms for them!!! LOL


Elena said...

Very cute card! I love your Prima flowers, Maria! Your coloring is beautiful!!!!

doris said...

Oh Maria, that is a beautiful and great work ... "Compliment"!

Hugs xx

Dawn Easton said...

Oh I LOVE it Maria! That image is so sweet and your colours are perfect! Love the little bit of sponging you did around your image. Your embellishments are wonderful. I need to dig out some primas now ;) GREAT sketch too!

Lise Roy said...

Gorgeous as always...

Cindy Haffner said...

Too funny girl, I love this card, wow so so pretty. Great details, it's all about the details.

Anonymous said...

I love the card--the colors are so "springy" and go together so well. I am looking forward to more ideas from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous card Maria! I love the colors, the way you colored her and the embellishments.

Most of the neighbors I talk to are the ones with kids the same age as my kids. The neighbors with kids who are grown pretty much keep to themselves.

Janna said...

Maria, I hope everything is well with you!! I actually am pretty close to a couple of my neighbors. i have just the sweetest people living next door to us so they make it very easy to be friendly with. Most of the otherones though we rarely if ever talk. I am not so adventurous to join to facebook! Not to tech literate here! LOL!

Now onto your stunning Lily creation!! Wow, wow, wow!!! she is so beautiful! I love the coloring and brown around the edges! The paper is amazing and you are right you had to use the primas they are just too, too perfect!


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