Friday, December 4, 2009

Glittery Ornament Tutorial

Happy Friday, Friends!! For those following my blog for a while now, this project may look familiar. I had posted them last year or in 2007, I can't remember. A few weeks ago, I had mentioned that I had stopped paying for a website that stored all my tutorials and well, all of them went "poof" and are no longer accessible. Now I have to convert all of them (at least 50 of them) into pdf or Word document and upload them to Scribd. I've been sitting on re-creating the tutorials because it takes a bit of time but I'm going to work on the Christmas projects so you can try them out.

I wanted to create an updated version of these ornaments but uggggh, I just don't have the time to work on them so I'm using my old photos. Sorry about that.

These ornaments are very pretty hung on your Christmas tree because they sparkle when the Christmas lights are turned on. It does take a bit of effort so maybe you should start creating them at the beginning of the year and you should have a bunch by the end of the year! LOL!

Gosh, I'm so behind on my Christmas projects. I've decided to surrender and do the best I can. I'm disappointed because I thought I was prepared this year. I am done with all my Christmas cards because I worked on them through out the year but as for gift items, well I failed in that area. LOL! I'm still working on them. We're leaving for Europe in 10 days and well, the truth is, I won't be able to accomplish creating all of the gift projects I had hoped to make this year. Oh, well. . .such is life. There's always next year. Next year I'll work on both cards and projects starting at the beginning of the year. How about you? Are you done with your Christmas cards and projects?

Anyway. . .I hope you all have a beautiful Friday!

Glittery Ornament


Anonymous said...

wounderful as every Creation from you. Thanks for sharing the Toutorial. Do you have the tutorial for the cute littel box/drawer/mini album project from Wednesday, November 11, 2009 ? I would love to make some for my Family
Greetings from Germany

Shana said...
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Brandie said...

Hello Maria- I am relitively new to your blog- I found it on Pink Cat Studio- and I have to just leave a comment to let you know how much I enjoy it. Thank you so much for the free tutorials in a world where NOTHING is free anymore- the step by step instructions and photos are awesome and I can't wait to try some of the techniques. I also love your style of cardmaking and it is very inspiring. So yea- just wanted to say: LOVE THE BLOG :)

Shana said...

Maria your work is very inspiring. Mahalo for the great tutorial.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Out of this world amazing. I can just imagine the sparkle. What a brillinat way to use flowers. GF, you are a true paper Genius! Don't be too hard on yourself about having all the Christmas stuff done--there's always more that could be done and everything you do get finished is bound to be a stunning masterpiece, I just know it! :0)

Kafran said...

wow un gros merci c'est tres tres beau...merci pour le tuto..j'adore

Risa said...

Your ornaments are beautiful and the detailing is stunning! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, you are a creative genius!

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