Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Gate Fold Double Accordion Mini Album Tutorial

Hello Friends! Sorry for the poor quality of the photos but I created this project over 2 years ago! OMG! I created the tutorial for a Stampin Up club I had a while back but I no longer have the club. I have a lot of tutorials that I have not transferred to this blog. The tutorials were stored on a website that I no longer pay for and well, I have to reconstruct the tutorials so that I can upload them to Scribd. Unfortunately, I am way to lazy or burnt out to reconstruct them all! LOL! But, I decided because it's a Halloween project, this would be a good time to post this tutorial.

The mini album opens up as a "gate-fold" and is held closed with Velcro on the back of the oval panel. The oval is actually optional and you can wrap a ribbon around the album to keep it in the closed position but I prefer the Velcro option.

When opened up, the pages alternate from left to right. It's just a fun way to view the pages.

As you can see the pages are laid out in an alternating fashion. I decided to add a bunch of Halloween photos that I took in the past of my husband and kids. This project may appear "complicated" or "difficult" to create but it's actually quite easy. It's not exactly a "quick" project but try it out anyway. After the first album, it gets a lot easier to create a second one. . .:)

I'm really sorry that I don't post daily on my blog anymore. I'm not sure what my future will be with this blog. I was thinking of taking a few months break after the new year starts but like everything in life, I always change my mind. There was a time when all I wanted to do was create, share, blog and create tutorials but I don't know, I think I'm burning out a little bit with paper crafting. Maybe a few months break will bring back the old feelings. I don't know. . .do you sometimes feel the same way?

I know of a lady who was crafting (wood cut/tole painting) for 25 years and she recently put all her craft stuff on sale. I went over to buy a few things and she had literally a thousand craft books, tons and tons of wood cuts for the tole painting, and a whole bunch of other craft items for sale. I asked her why she was selling all her things and she said that she suddenly. . .almost overnight just no longer had any desire to craft which for me is quite amazing. I still love crafting but I want to grow into other areas of crafting such as crocheting and sewing so maybe that's where I'm heading. .. I don't know. I still love paper crafting and don't think I'll ever stop doing it but I'd like to explore other craft areas. I think that's where I'll be next year. . .:) You know, working with different craft projects, sort of mix bag of various areas of crafting. . .we'll see.

Anyway. . .just sharing my thoughts. Below is the tutorial. You don't need a Facebook account to subscribe to Scribd but you do need to subscribe by providing your email address and a password in order to download or print the tutorial. If you don't want to subscribe, you can view the tutorial directly online on my blog or on Scribd. You have the option to view the tutorial full screen, scroll option, or book option. Email me if you have any questions.

Hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!!

Gate Fold Double Accordion Mini Album


Rhonda Miller said...

What a fun idea. TFS.

Unknown said...

So nice project! Thanks for sharing :)

Denise G said...

Love the mini album and tutorial. I also wanted to say that your blog is an inspiration and I do enjoy it so much. Thank you for sharing your talent.

MsJay said...

That is so kewl. TFS

Diane said...

Love the card album. You do beautiful work. I check in every day just to see what goodies you have come up with! :) Thanks

Donna said...

Oh Maria...I would miss your blog. I love looking at your creations. Each and everyone is beautiful. Take a break if need be but promise you will come back!

Jana said...

Hi -- FYI -- it says the tutorial is 11 pages but after scrolling it ends on page 4 just after you accordion pleat the sides, pages 5-11 are blank. Can that be fixed? Thanks.

Very informative blog.
I know several people who gave up stamping and scrapping and sold all their stuff also. Someday, that might be a decision I make myself, it will be a sad day but I won't have to organize my stash any more!

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