Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Reflections Scrapbook Album/Journal #1 and #2

Hi Friends! I decided to start a "Reflections Scrapbook Album/Journal". My album/journal will primarily consist of my reflections of the day or week, my goals for the day and future, about me and the daily things I do, and finding gratitude in what is. I'm not a scrapbooker and I've always been a bit intimidated by scrapbooking but I decided that I won't focus on creating layouts that satisfies me "artistically" but to focus on what I write and the pictures that I use.

My first layout is the first layout I've created. I didn't choose the picture of myself because of my "face". . .LOL! Do you see behind at the top of my head. .. well, it's a word art in my craft room and it reflects my life to a great extent. I see that word art every morning and it inspires me. The quote says" Cre-ate: To produce through artistic or imaginative effort. Create and inspire. To make your own." I just love it!

My journaling. . .if you are interested in what I wrote:


I'm happiest when I'm creating.
This is the time when I enter a world of possibilities
Where it's beautiful and filled with color
Where my imagination carries me through different shapes and textures
And time just flies quickly, too quickly at times
Time skips to a happy beat
And all worries and stress disappears even for just a moment
When I'm done
It makes me smile to see that what I've created
Is a reflection of my happiness

This is the second layout/journaling I created. It's basically about my morning routine and a bit of reflection and goal setting.

My journaling says:

My mornings start off with a cup of coffee, turning on my computer, post something on Facebook (LOL), then I walk to my car and view the sunrise as I enter my car to drive my daughter to the bus stop every week day at 6:30 in the morning.

It's good to have a moment where there's a routine and life runs smoothly without a hitch. The rest of the day is always unpredictable and it's something that I need to reassess in m y life. I don't plan my day and basically, fly by the seat of my pants on most days. I found it to be ineffective and although, I like the spontaneity of not having a plan, a bit of planning will help to accomplish more things. It's something I need to work on and a goal I'll set for the new year.

Just to let you know, the sunflower cut and coffee mug digi image can be found at

Hope you all have a beautiful Thursday!

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Erica said...

Maria, These pages are beautiful work. I like how you are writing about yourself honestly.

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