Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photos of the Day

Hi Friends!!  I don't have anything crafty to share today just a bunch of photos that I took during our time at the beach during the Labor Day weekend.  When I don't craft, I like to take photos.  I have a stock pile of photos that I want to share but I'm not sure if anyone who reads my blog want to see photos.

Just a little detail about my photos.  I have a Canon Rebel XSi and all of the photos except for the first photo in this post were taken with a "wide angle lens", specifically the Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 lens.  This lens is perfect for landscape photos. The first photo above was taken using my cel phone, believe it or not, but I corrected the photo's exposure and did a few color correction using Adobe Lightroom 3.  Unfortunately, you can only do so much correction to a photo.  You can see the difference in the colors that the photo was not taken using my camera.

The beach was pretty crowded but people weren't allowed to swim because of the huge waves and strong rip current the day we were there.  The photos were taken at the Oceanside beach in San Diego.

This photo was taken at the end of the pier and looking towards the beach.  There's a restaurant at the end of the pier so we decided to walk down and eat lunch there.  There were a lot of people fishing. . .I think they were catching mullet and sardines.

Just a photo of my daughter.

This is an angled shot of the pier.  This photo was actually taken with my standard Canon 28-105mm lens.

I love this shot of the lifeguards racing down the water to rescue a surfer.  They were flying at top speed.  The lifeguard in the back was literally flying off the water and bouncing up and down which I believe must have hurt a lot.  These lifeguards are amazing.

Awww, look at this rescue dog.  He was shaved and had a Mohawk.  I missed taking a photo of his tail which was really fluffy.  He's so adorable.

Just a wave shot.  The waves don't normally get too big here so this was actually a great opportunity to take photos of waves.

I'm originally from Hawaii where there are HUGE waves so to me, these waves were not big waves at all.  Actually, it would be considered small waves but in San Diego, I guess they don't get too many large waves so it was a big deal here.

We didn't stick around for the sunset but it was setting a little when I took this photo of the pier.

Here is a wide angle shot of the pier.

The pier and the beach were nearly empty of people when I took this shot.  It was getting a little chilly by California standards.  We don't tolerate cold temperatures very well.

Just a footprint shot.  It's footprints of a little kid that was walking on the sand.

Although it was a little cold, my daughter decided to eat ice cream so I took a silhouette photo of her eating her ice cream.

Of course, I had to take a shadow shot of me an my daughter.

That's it for today.  I may share more photos tomorrow.  Not of the beach but other photos that I took recently.  Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!

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Debbie B said...

These are some great shots!! I bet that dog was cool with no hair!!!
My sister lives in Hawaii. She is originally from Texas. I've been to visit her one time and you are right-- the waves in Hawaii are much bigger than the ones in your photos. TFS

bernshwag said...

Gorgeous photos Maria! We usually go to the same beach for day trips but we have a condo that we rent for a weekly vacation at San Clemente. Can't wait for my wound to heal in entirety so we can enjoy the beach once again! TFS!!!


Joanne (jojot) said...

what wonderful pics.....and even better it refreshed my memories of Oceanside.....a place I visited several years ago...and yep...we walked out to the end of the pier...a lovely day.....

your pictures are just gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Really great pics,enjoyed looking at them!

Karen W said...

Beautiful photos, you should use that footprint photo and stamp the saying from Our daily bread design on it, it would be perfect for that.

LW said...

It was a pleasure reading this morning. My eyes appreciated the beauty of all the photos. :-)

Shoshi said...

Those are gorgeous photos, Maria! Especially the ones of the pier. The light on those is nothing short of superb. A great collection which you should justly be proud of!

Paula said...

Maria your photos are amazing. I could have looked at a million more. You are obviously talented in many areas. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous pictures.

Ida said...

Maria your photo's were fabulous. I'd say, Yes share more.

Tracy.H said...

Amazing shots, Maria. I love the first one! :0)

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