Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Thanksgiving Cards and Day #2 - Thankful For. . .

Hello Friends! Happy Sunday to you all. Remember yesterday I talked about how people on FB are commenting on a daily basis what they are thankful for. Well, today I'm thankful that God helped me to recognize my mistakes so that I won't repeat them again. He felt I was worthy enough for second chances and for that I am very grateful!!

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. . .nothing really bad but I've made a few. . .don't we all? I've always felt that there's a guardian angel watching over me. I've made at least 3 mistakes in my life that I shiver when I think about how lucky I am or how blessed I am that God was watching over me. I'm not an overly religious person but when I look back I really believe it wasn't luck but some divine power that took over.

When I was about 10 years old, I climbed a very high tree to the very top. It was late in the afternoon and I wanted to see the sun set. After the sun set, it was obviously dark and it was getting a little windy. I soon realized that I could not really see the branches to climb down. OMG! Nobody knew where I was so I was in big trouble! LOL!!! I can laugh about it now because I did manage to make it down without killing myself! Ugggh, until this day, I can't believe I did that!

My second situation was when I was a teenager, I decided to swim at this beach called Sandy Beach in Hawaii. Sandy Beach is notorious for their rip currents and it is easy, even for a strong swimmer, to drown in the rip current. I didn't have a boogie board to help keep me stay afloat, just me. . .and not a strong swimmer at that. There were at least a hundred people around me and I was DROWNING! I was only a few feet to the shore but the current was so strong that no matter how hard I swam, I did not move an inch. Finally, someone noticed that I was screaming my head off and was holding my arm out for someone to pull me out! It was one of those OMG moments. . ..I seriously thought I was going to drown at that very moment. Well, I never, ever swam there again! LOL!

Finally. . .this situation shows how naive I am and at that time, there was no such thing as CourtTV to scare the silliness out of me. I think I was 20 years old and my car died on me on the freeway. I was in my work clothes with a 2 inch heel shoes and I began walking. This was during a time when cell phones did not exist. . .well, about 1/2 mile of my walk to the closest phone, a car stopped along side of me and asked me if I needed a ride. My feet hurt and the nearest phone was probably 4 to 5 miles further so I did a crazy thing and got into the car. The man didn't look crazy or anything but after a while, I started to get worried about my decision. Luckily, all the man did was drop me off at the service station but what if he was a crazy rapist or psycho! When I watch CourtTV, I see all these missing girls or murdered girls because they got into some one's car. I didn't really think about it back then but wow, when I think about it now. . .I think how CRAZY I was to get in that car. So, with that said. . .I feel I am blessed that nothing bad happened to me.

Did you make any mistakes that may have been detrimental to your health or life? Share it with me by commenting, I would be interested in hearing them.

Okay. . .enough with the rambling! I do that a lot. . .if you haven't noticed yet. I made this Thanksgiving card yesterday with images I colored a while ago. I colored the image with my Copic Markers, punched the autumn leaves using an old SU punch and added a little Scribble Iridescent Paint to the punched leaves.

Card Details:

Stamps: Don't know the brand of the main image, SU Teeny Tiny Wishes (sentiment)
Paper: SU DSP, SU Old Olive, Only Orange, Real Rust
Ink: Prismacolor Pencils, Scribbles Iridescent Paint
Accessories: Hemp cord, SU Word Window Punch, Nestabilities, CB embossing Folder, JoAnn Brads, Jolee's By You Sticker

This is another card I made using an image that I colored with Prismacolor Pencils. Again, like yesterday's card, I don't know the brand of this stamped image. I had unmounted the stamp without labeling it so I can't share the brand information with you. The dots on the image was crated using Scribbles Iridescent Paint in Copper.

Just to let you know, I colored the background of the image using Prismacolor Pencils. It took a lot of blending but I like the effect.

I didn't create a sketch for this card because the layout is fairly simply and similar to many other layouts I created in the past.

Anyway. . .I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday. . .I think I'm going to spend part of my day crafting!!!

Card Details:

Stamps: ?, SU Teeny Tiny Wishes (sentiment)
Paper: Not sure of the brand of the DSP. . .it was a scrap piece, SU Old Olive, Pumpkin Pie
Ink: Prismacolor Pencils, Scribbles Iridescent Paint
Accessories: Borderbilities, Nestabilities, Grosgrain ribbon, SU Word Window Punch


Danni said...

Beautiful cards! I've made more than my share of mistakes, and am thankful as well that things worked out.

2 Worlds said...

Beautiful cards Maria thanks for sharing your stories

Viv said...

Love the first card Maria, but the second one is in a class of it's own!!! Fabulous colouring. Your background is incredible!
Mistakes! WAY too many to mention! LOL

Christine said...

Amazing cards Maria. I just love that pumpkin patch stamp. Your work is always gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it.
xoxo, Christine

Corie said...

WOW -- both of these are gorgeous

Creative Mish said...

Wow! your cards are beautiful! as usual! I love the coloring on the pumpkins!

Ida P. Krause said...

Gorgeous cards! Enjoyed your thoughts. One thing that I did once that was rather stupid was to drive my car up a narrow gravel mountain road (no guard rails) right as the sun was starting to set. It blinded me so that I really couldn't see the road that well so I had to go super slow so as not to drive off the edge. I made it down okay but it was scary.
I think we all do things like that from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I love your cards! You are so talented! I have a story thats almost the same as your tree story only my mother had to climb up to guide me down! Talk about stupid and embarassing! Took me a long time to live that one down, especially from my 4 brothers! lol
Tracy Thomas

Cindy Haffner said...

Hi Maia your cards are GORGEOUS.

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