Monday, December 7, 2009

Pear Ex Ornament Tutorial

Hi Friends!! Someone had asked that I upload the tutorial for this project because the link to the tutorial is no longer accessible. I had created this tutorial, I believe 2 years ago and for those who are not aware, many of the tutorials I had created in the past are no longer accessible because I had terminated the paid service that originally stored my tutorials.

For those who want to start up their blogs with a paid subscription service such as Typepad, I think it's something to think about. . .although you may have nice features, well. . .once you stop paying for it, unless you transfer all your data all your posting and such will disappear once you stop paying for it. . .:) Personally, I love blogger. It links to many other services, it's free, and they have more widgets than any other blog service.

Anyway, just a little info on this shimmery ornament. It's SUPER simple to create and you can get really creative with it. I created a really simple one. If you want you can add rub ons to the outside of the ornament and create decorative features to it. You can stamp on it or add stickers too.

Try out the tutorial. . .it's a great way to use up your Pearl Ex. . .I have a ton of them and well, they don't get used often enough.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday. .. it's raining here today. .. it's kinda nice because I don't think we've seen rain here in Southern California close to 6 months. We are seriously dry. Anyway. . .enjoy your day!

Pearl Ex Ornament

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Terry Oulboub said...

Ahhh Maria, ever the brilliant crafter with wonderful tutorials we could never live without! This is so beautiful - you are so very clever! Thank you soooo mouch for sharing all of this wisdom and talent with us! :)

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