Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentines Gift Set - Mini Heart Album, Card, and Treats

Hi Friends!! Gosh, it's been days since my last post. You're not going to believe this but it took me 3 days to finish the mini album. Obviously, not 3 complete days but I worked on it off and on for 3 days. I am so not a scrapbooker. .. it takes me 3x as long to create a mini album than it is to create a card. It's not that scrapbooking is difficult but I always feel everything has to match. I end up going through containers of scrappy stuff looking for a "matching" color or embellishment. I have so many open packages for this reason. After awhile I got tired of looking through the containers that I decided to use hodge podge pieces of embellishments instead.

I like the idea of a gift set. . .I'm planning to give this set to my husband for Valentines day. He actually saw me working on it. . .he had walked into my craft room while I was creating one of the pages. . .oh well!

Hey. . .before I continue discussing the gift set, I finally finished up putting together my "health & fitness" blog called "Fitness Towards Healthiness". Stop by and check it out. I'll be posting healthy recipes, fitness and healthy diet challenges, articles, and work out videos to try out. Keep in mind, the information on this blog will be compiled based on various articles, recipe books, etc. I'm not a fitness coach. . .I'm just a regular person wanting a lifestyle change so come join me in the journey!!!

Here is the card I created. No rubber stamping on this card. All I did was use embellishments from opened packages.

I've had this tin basket for some time now but like a lot of the craft items I purchase, I don't use them immediately but it's nice that I did have it in my stash . .craft stuff never gets outdated. All I did was adhere a lace around the tin basket and added the treat bag.

Here is the album I created!! I used my Cricut Expression to cut a heart shape using thin chipboards. You can't see it in the photo but the photo on the front of the mini album is protected by acetate and the heart shape appears like a frame. The photo is actually recessed. I finally used my "bind-it-all" to bind the album together. I think this was only the second time in the past two years that I actually used my bind-it-all. I'm going to start using my BIA more often!! It was actually quite fun to create this album!

I used various pieces of scrapbook stickers and embellishments from various brands.

Here is a photo of my husband. . .I believe on his birthday.

This is a photo of my daughter with our dog Phoenix. The mini album has a total of 6 pages.

Anyway. . .that's it for today! I really had fun creating this gift set. I think I'm going to make more of them!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!


Gail said...

these are all just so beautiful! I love your idea on the healthy blog! Looking forward to skimming it over a time or two :)

Becky said...

This is so beautiful Maria, what a wonderful valentines gift. I only do cards, and it takes me days to do one, I am the same way, going through dp after dp, trying to figure out what I want to use. :)

Anneke said...

What a beautifull valantines gifts!
Greets Anneke

Linanna DESIGNS said...

Good morning Maria, how are you hunny? hope your having a good weekend so far. Wow these are just fabulous creations, i love them. Well done you! hugs Linda x

Anonymous said...

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Terry Oulboub said...

Maria, I love how you make everything coordinate with color - that is why your creations are so ultra BEAUTIFUL! You are such a crafty person with great details and perfection to the paper goods you create. I love the sets and appreciate so much your sharing this talent with others!

Anonymous said...

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Lisa Hensley said...

I love the colors and textures on these projects!

Diane said...

Such a beautiful gift set Maria!
I'm sure your hubby will adore it!
Good Luck with your Health and Fitness blog! I don't know how you do it all!!! You are amazing!

Ila said...

These are all Gorgeous!!...I love the scrapbooking!...I have a bind it all and have never used it!....Your work is always so inspiring!!...Hugs, Ila

2 Worlds said...

Great mini album Maria ! Great Projects !

Anonymous said...

Hi Love the heart album you made. What cartridge did you use and what size did you make it? My email is Thanks Michelle

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