Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photos of the Day - La Jolla, San Diego

Hi Friends!  Happy Wednesday. . . gosh, I almost didn't know what day it was.  Time flies so fast.  Speaking of time. . .I was meaning to post these photos a few weeks back  but I kept forgetting to do so; therefore,  I decided to just post them all at once.  I drove to La Jolla, a town located in San Diego, a fews weeks ago.  It's an upper-scale community with beautiful homes, beaches, shops, and hotels.  My goal for driving there was to take a photo of a sun setting at the beach.  Believe it or not, since moving to California from Hawaii a little over 6 years ago, I've never stuck around to wait for the sun to set at the beach. I was a little bias I believe.  In Hawaii, I've seen a lot of beautiful sunsets so there was never a strong desire for me to see it set here in California.

While waiting for the sun to set, I took a bunch of photos at Seal Cove.  The photo above was an "intentional" shot. . .meaning I had my daughter pose because I wanted to capture a "serene" back drop but when I looked at the photo after I downloaded it to my computer, what I felt was a sense of "loneliness" instead.  How strange is that?

I took a ridiculous amount of photos. . .LOL!  I hope you don't mind all the photos I posted.   Do any of you watch Hawaii 5-0?  Well, I don't know if you noticed that it almost appears that the show is taken in "technicolor", where the scenic back drop appears almost "Photoshopped" and unrealistic. . .but there is some reality to it.  It is a bit over worked in the lushness of it but, in real life, the mountains are very green, the beaches and sky are very blue, the sand very white, and overall, everything do appear much more brighter and colorful.

When I moved to California, I immediately noticed the color differences.  In California, the colors of the leaves, the mountain, the sky, the beach, the sand. . .appeared "duller" in color.  It took a while for me to become accustomed to it.  It's like seeing things through hazy tinted glasses. I still see things the same way after 6 years, but I've come to appreciate living in California.  There are so many things to do and see that just driving around never gets boring.

With this shot, believe it or not, I don't recall seeing this part of the cove . . .it's funny how our minds sort of just scan things. . .and we don't really see things, especially when there are many things to see.  The beauty of taking photos it captures things that we may have looked at but did not really capture into memory.

This is a photo of a tunnel through the rock .  I don't know if it's man made or it was naturally created.

As I walking on the rocks, I noticed that a lot of rocks had carvings of names.  I wonder how they did that?  The rocks must be soft or something or they spent a lot of time carving their names.

I call this photo "poop heaven".. . .LOL!  Do you see the beautiful white color of the rocks?  Well, the color was created by layers and layers of bird poop and it smelled like it too!  

There were a lot of birds just bathing and hanging out at the cove.  I was actually quite far away but I took the photo using a telephoto lens.  I took this photo at 300mm.

Aww, look at this seal. . .sleeping so peacefully.  I love how he tucked his tail in.

This bird looks like he is pondering life. . .just thinking.

Finally. . .the sunset. . .

Although I loved the sunset. .. the sun appeared so far away.  I now want to drive to LA or somewhere in Orange County. . .maybe Santa Monica or Laguna Beach and take a photo of the sun setting.  I think the sun will look bigger there.  Nevertheless, it was beautiful.  I'm glad I stuck around to take a photo of it.

Anyway. . .my goal today is to work on a few holiday cards.  I actually worked on a bunch of crochet hats but I still need to take a photo of them
That's it for today!  Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Islander Girl said...

GORGEOUS!!!! We're thinking of heading to Santa Monica or Venice this weekend.

Jen said...

Hey Maria! How R U? Looks like U R enjoying life... :o) Love all the pics U took. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Ida said...

Wonderful photos. Lucky you to be able to live close enough to the ocean to take sunset photo's. It's a good 5-6 hour drive for me.

Love the shot of the sealion or seal? - They are so funny.

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