Friday, October 5, 2012

Christmas Cards and Slouchy Crochet Hats

 Hi Friends!  Happy Friday!  I've been pretty busy this week . . .primarily crocheting hats but I did make a few cards.  The two cards I'm sharing are actually "revamped" cards. . . well not actually revamped but the images were originally on Christmas tags that I had created and decided to transfer on to a card.

 I've been revamping a few of my cards I made in the past by adding additional embellishments or changing the lay out.  It sort of revitalize the cards that I've made.

 This is a tag that I palced on to a card.  I figured the card was more useful .

 Nothing much else to say about it. . .the image is by Sarah Kay, as well as the image on the first card above.

I've been making a bunch of slouchy hats.  I really love slouchy crochet hats because they're very fashionable especially during the winter. When I traveled to Europe, crochet and knit hats were very popular winter accessories and I fell in love with them so it motivated me to learn to crochet.

I bought a new mannequin head to model my hats. . .I named her "Bella".  I think she models my hats so much better than my ghostly looking mannequin that I originally used.   I also bought a pretty blond wig for her.  She now looks rather chic, don't you think?

Anyway. . .that's it for today!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Riet said...

What a beautiful cards,I love the images and the colours.
So gorgeous papers.

Hugs Riet.xx

Unknown said...

Hi Maria,

I've been a follower of your blog for years (you're one of my first!) and I've seen you go through ups and downs. I'm glad you're back and I thought it was about time I wrote and thanked you for sharing your beautiful crafts with everyone! You have such a knack for design and color. You have also inspired me to use the products I have instead of buying new stuff! It's an addiction I must break!

Oh yea, I like your new mannequin but my favorite model will always be your beautiful daughter!

"B" from Hawaii

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