Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Greeting Farm, Penny Black and Thanksgiving Cards!

Hey there!  It's me again!  I actually made this card a week ago I believe.  I can't remember.  I wanted to share it because of the paper doily in the background.  I bought the doily on Etsy, 50 for about $4.00 and it has gone a long way.  I still have at least 25 left.  There are quite a few shops that sell them on Etsy!  I love using them on my card.  I usually cut them in half and use it as a layer on my cards.  I want to buy other patterns but I can't until I use up the ones I already have.

I've been very conscious about bulk purchases.  I never thought about it much in the past.  This includes food.  It appears to be cheaper to buy bulk.. . . only if you intend to use them otherwise you end up with a whole bunch of stuff you either lose interest in or just that there are too much of it that you can't use them all no matter how hard you try.   

So.  . .I stopped buying bulk all together other than the occasional purchase.  Some people sell their left over craft supplies in order to buy more but it's okay if you are willing to lose a little bit of money for the benefit of being able to buy more of something else.

Today, I just cleaned out my freezer.  Despite my best intentions of eating what I bought, some of them expired before I could eat them.  I've been very careful about not buying too many things at once when I go grocery shopping but I still end up with expired food.  It usually happens because I'm inspired to cook a particular dish or eat a particular food while at the grocery store (usually because I'm hungry at the moment) but when I get home, I end up forgetting about them.  Okay, starting today, I will eat what I buy and buy only what I need for the week.

 Alright enough of my rambling.  The image is by the Greeting Farm and the designer papers are by Stampin Up.

Oh. . . talk about bulk purchase.  Dew drops!  Don't even get me started.  I have enough of them to last a life time.  I kid not!  I bought every color that exist and I use them on my cards like crazy because I have so many of them.  Remember when dew drops were popular?  Well, I don't care if it's no longer the "in" embellishment.  I am going to use them on my cards until I can get my supplies down to the point where I feel like I got my money's worth!

Oh Stickles!  That's another thing!  I have Stickles galore!  I also every color that exist.  I do use them on my cards more often than not but not often enough.  Not every image looks good with glitter so can't use them on every card I make.  But from time to time, it looks good especially on a cupcake image.  Don't you agree?  The image is by Penny Black!  I love their images.  I don't think their images will ever go out of style.  

I decided to use this pumpkin patch image again.  I don't have too many Thanksgiving images so I'm left to use what I have over and over.  I again used the microbeads on the flowers.  Nothing much to say about this card.

Thank you once again for stopping by my blog.  I am getting into the blogging thing again.  Hopefully I can continue blogging regularly.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Beth Norman said...

What lovely cards. I particularly like how you edged your pumpkins in purple. Very striking and eye catching.

Patti Willey said...

Oh my goodness! Your cards just make me so happy! I love to see layers and designer paper..everyone's going CAS and although that can be classy this style makes my heart sing! Well no not sing but this layered look of colors and texture make me most happy! OK I need to pick up this pumpkin, is it retired, it does look familiar can you give me a manufacturer or title to the stamp image? Nicely done!

Ruth Ann V. said...

Oh Maria! It is so good to see you back!!
I like your
cards and I'm must not be"in" because I enjoy the dew drops!
Also enjoy your"rambling", I just recently cleaned my pantry and freezer, determined not to buy new, until I finished what we have.
(I cheated and gave 2 grocery sacks away.)

Becky said...

It has been awhile since I have stopped by. But I see you have not lost your creative flare to create beautiful cards. :)

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