Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and Snowman Cards

Hey there! Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!  I'm back.  I actually made some of these cards earlier this month but I figured I'll share them with you.  Someone mentioned that they like that I still create "layered" cards.  Honestly, I don't like clean and simple cards.  You have to be very talented to make something simple look . . .well, creative, if not, it just looks plain ole' simple.  LOL!  Besides, if I create simple cards what am I going to do with all the stuff I have?  Sell them at prices that aren't even 25% of what I purchased them for?  Nope.  I'm not rich enough to literally give them away without feeling bad about it.  In the meantime, I'll try to use up what I can until I feel comfortable enough to sell them at dirt cheap prices on Ebay.  I have a rule for many of my rubber stamps.  I have to at least use them at least 3 times before I consider selling them unless I really don't like them.  But the ones I do like, I'll use them as many times until I get tired of them.  It helps that I do sell my cards on Etsy because it forces me to use my stuff and continue creating.

Okay back to my cards.  For the card above, I used my Unity Stamps.  I've used this image several times in the past.  I think this is the first time I inked it this year.  I used Stampin Up designer paper which I have tons of.  I recently bought the "chevron" design embossing folder which I used on my card.  I love it!!

Not sure the brand of this image.  I threw out the packaging and I can't remember who makes it.  Anyway. . .not much to say about this card.  Again SU designer paper and ribbon.  

I love this snowlady!  She's my favorite snowman stamp.  I use her every year. 

This snowman image is a Stampin Up image.  I really love some of the older retired Stampin Up stamps.  I don't think good images get old or outdated.  Besides, the trend seem to recycle itself every few years.  Clean and simple cards is an example  Back in the day before designer papers were popular, people were making clean and simple cards.  Also the old outdated designs for scrapbook paper are popular again.  I have really old paper and they look similar to many of the newer paper designs. 

This image is a digital image.  I can't remember where I downloaded it from.  I'm not very good at organizing my images.  I don't care about brands so much so I don't keep track of who I bought the stamps or images from.  I only care if the image looks good on my card. 

Well I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
Until next time!!

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Beth Norman said...

I agree with your decision to use lots of layers. I'm one who loves to layer too, unless it's for the Technique Junkie Newsletter DT work. I once won one of your beautiful cards years ago. You are such an inspiration.

Patti Willey said...

Love your snowman collection! I don't own one snowman I better get busy looking for some! Always a joy to look at your artwork!

Sandy said...

Love your snowman (and ladies) cards. My favorite is that sweet lady with the apron on.
Sandy xx

Sandy said...

I thought for sure I left a comment here - wouldn't be a bit surprised if my computer ignored me - we fight all the time! I love your snow people especially that cute lady in the apron!
Sandy xx

Sandy Dehon said...

Hey Sugar -- I have tried to leave a comment several time with no luck. Maybe the third time will be the charm. I love all your snowmen (and ladies) cards especially the one wearing the apron!!
Sandy xx

Robin said...

Too bad you don't know the brand of the snowman with the star because I'd buy him in a minute, but only if he was digital. I have a tone of stamps, and storage became an issue, so I only purchase digitals now, although there are a lot of free ones out there.

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