Thursday, November 1, 2007

Project Zen

Hey Everyone! For two days my Internet was out of commission and I could not get on the Internet so I decided to use my time up for "Project Zen". What is "Project Zen"? Well, my room was getting a bit cluttered and whenever I walked in my room I felt very stressed out looking at everything. My studio/room is suppose to be a place where I can relax and feel good. Instead, I was feeling quite the opposite. I had containers on the floor and I could not walk around the room without bumping into something.

I decided to "Zen up" my room. You know. . . try to minimize the amount of chaos inside by removing things that I didn't need immediately, stuff that were taking up space unnecessarily, and just basically simplifying the room. I have a small "studio". . .the size of a regular bedroom but I like it small because it feels cozy. Everything is easily accessible but big enough that I can walk around. There's enough room to place an exercise mat and exercise, do Yoga, Pilate, meditate. The only thing I can't fit is a "sitting chair". That would be really nice but the way the room is currently set up, every wall space is used up.

I had asked my husband if he could put shelves or cabinets on the walls so I can open up the floor space. Unfortunately, he said that he didn't want to do it because if we ever were to sell the house, it might be a problem to have cabinets on the walls. That's okay, I understand. He is so supportive of all of my endeavors and I'm grateful that he is.

Anyway. . .the desk above is my craft desk. This craft desk is AWESOME. It's a true "Craft Desk". . .why? The drawers on the right side are created to store rubber stamps. The drawers are made with strong plastic so it won't get stained from ink and they are 1 inch in height each. There's twenty 1 inch drawers. On the left are drawers that are 2 inch tall and there's 10 of them. You can store your tools, ink pads, additional stamps, and other things that you need.

This desk sits across my craft desk. This is where I cut my cardstocks and finish up my cards and projects. Underneath the table stores my scraps and clear stamps. The right side of the table is a file cabinet that stores my SU Cardstocks.

This is where I sit and blog. I wish I took a picture of the inside of the cabinets. The shelves slide out when you pull on the knob so you don't need to bend down and look for your stuff. The left cabinet stores my fixatives, glues, Gamsol, and other chemical stuff that I use for my cards. My craft desk is to the left of my computer desk so the products are accessible both when I'm crafting or when I'm on the computer. The right cabinet stores my office supplies.

On top of my desk are my scanner/printer/copy machine, my stereo system and Craft Robo that directly connects to my computer.

This table is where I have my cutting machines and sewing machine. I also have chipboards, binders that store patterns, sketches, and miscellaneous stuff.

Under the table stores my ribbons, sewing stuff, and chemical products (gamsol, glues, etc).

My cardstocks are stored on this shelf. To the right is an organizer that stores finished projects and miscellaneous embellishments. On top of the organizer is my studio where I take pictures of my finished projects.

Bye, bye wood stamps and miscellaneous stuff. I removed all my wood stamps that were stored in the cabinets and will be moving them into the garage. They were taking up too much space and everything else were sort of stacked outside of the closet and cabinets and it was driving me crazy whenever I walked into my room. If I need a stamp set or stamp, I'll bring them up and later put them back when I'm done.

My side is the left side. I store envelopes, scrapbooks, containers, altered products, scrapbook papers, embellishments, and everything else inside the cabinets. My sentiment and background SU stamps, empty boxes, binders, etc. are stored on top of the cabinet. I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the cabinets.

The right side stores my kids school supplies, office supplies, and my husband's supplies such as pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, school binders, etc. I wish I had both sides but I can't be greedy. I have to share the cabinets.

This is the right side of my closet. I store my glitters, pens, ink refills, templates, retired SU Wheels, paints, coloring mediums, glitters, embossing powders, tools, embellishments, excess cardstocks, and other miscellaneous products that I use on a regular basis.

When I'm not stamping or crafting, I slide the closet door shut to hide the craziness inside this closet. . .:)

This is the left half of my closet. I store my dies, cutters, ink pads, current SU wheels, Pearl Ex bottles, hole punch, and other miscellaneous products.


michelle sturgeon said...

Your room looks GREAT! I would love to stamp with you there!
Two days and no internet? ACK!

Rita said...

Looks great Maria! I need to tidy up my craft room after seeing yours. Before I started stamping & only did scrapbooking my room was always neat & tidy. When I first started stamping I was able to keep it tidy, but the last 2 or 3 weeks has just been crazy & it looks like a cyclone hit! I luv your ribbon boxes on your desk where did you get those plastic boxes?

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Wow....that's quite a project. Lookin' good Maria!


Aimeslee Winans said...

OMGOsh, you don't have Comcast, too, do you? I really want to know, cuz geez, I've heard a lot of Comcast customer have been down and if you read my posts about them you know I have, too.

HEY, I used your sketch April #14 on a cute Disney card - it's shown on my blog entry for Thursday 11/1. Let me know how I did!

I'm so jealous of your clean room. You are welcome to come visit my mess anytime! hehe


Vivian Swain said...

I don't think I could stand being without the internet for two days. I am glad you used that time to tidy up and give us a peek at your stamp room. I love your desk drawers. Where did you get them?

Vivian Swain

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

TFS the pics. You have an awesome art room, and you are so very organized. Ummm, throat clearing here, and why are you putting things into your garage? Aren't you the same gal that just spent weeks cleaning OUT your garage? LOL. Oh, I organized my scraps after you shared with me your organization of same. I took a clear file folder, for scrapbook paper, and organized by colour, because the file folder in the cabinet was collapsing, as yours did on you. I can't believe how nice it is to have everything colour coded in that folder. Now I go to it before I take out a new sheet. My scraps will get used up in no time.

Tracy.H said...

Okay...can I come stampin' at your house!! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Hey Maria
I totally love your room I want to not only stamp I would love to be locked in that room for a long time.
Great job

AdriansCrazyLife said...

What a great stamp room! I always love to see people of other people's stamp room. Then I don't feel guilty about all that stuff I have because I see that other people have so much more of it than I do. I don't dare post pics of mine, most of the time it looks like a bomb went off in there!

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