Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ballet Layout

Hi Friends!! A scrapbook layout. . .shocking! Two in a week, more shocking! LOL! I really am TRYING. . .one thing I'm getting good at is being a quickie scrapbooker. When I first started scrapbooking. . .I would take a long period of time "thinking" of how I should create it and I would get tired of it and not create a lay out or there would be a long stretch of time before I'll create another one.

I decided it is more important to create a layout than to make a spectacular layout. KWIM? Well, I've been admiring a few scrapbookers who create very simple layouts. . .not too many bells and whistles and I kinda like the simplicity of those layouts.

I was going to journal on this layout but I couldn't find a spot that could fit a journal without it looking unbalanced so I decided that this layout will be just about the photo.

Just a little bit about this photo or layout. My daughter was in ballet for 3 years. She started at age 4. By age 7, she hated it. LOL! Every year I would renew her classes and after a while she began making a lot of excuses as to why she didn't want to go.

After the second year, she wasn't remotely enthusiastic about attending her classes. I finally came to terms with the fact that she really wasn't enjoying herself.

I was disappointed because she was part of a very good ballet company that had awesome shows that my daughter was able to be part of. I loved seeing the shows and all the hoopla that went along with it.

But. . .I'm not the sort of mother that forces these things on their child. Sometimes as parents we tend to want things for our kids that our kids don't want. We think it's the best for them but there's a point when well, it becomes more about you than it is for your child.

I finally asked my daughter why she didn't like going to ballet and she said that she didn't like it because she been learning or perfecting the same steps for 3 years and she said that it wasn't fun. LOL! Ballet is about perfecting how your toes are pointed and how you turn a certain way and I can see why it was no fun for her.

After ballet, I signed my daughter up for gymnastics and she really had fun but it was too expensive, I really couldn't afford the lessons at that time. She also took piano lessons, hula, and guitar lessons. She did like piano lessons but not the guitar lessons. She wanted to be a "real" rock star guitar player! LOL! She wanted to learn playing the guitar on her own. Fortunately, through piano lessons, she was able to read notes so it helped. She's now really good at playing the guitar and all self-taught. I'm proud of her. She also can play the piano fairly well.

Anyway. . .sorry for the long story.

Layout details:

Paper: DCWV desinger paper
Accesories: K&CO designer border, K&Co button brad, Prima flower, JoAnn brads, Memory Boutique stickers


Denise said...

Your daughter is so Beautiful!

Dawn Easton said...

Beautiful Maria! LOL my daughter doesn't stick to things for too long either :( Dance, curling, karate....they all cost a lot of money, which I don't mind paying if she enjoyed it...but she didn't after a year so...we're done...lol

Risa said...

Your layout is beautiful Maria! I love the simplicity of it and the photo of your beautiful daughter speaks for itself! Great job and TFS!!!

2 Worlds said...

Maybe you should write on the back this story you said to us, in the future she is always going to appreciate, great job Maria keep them coming

Janna said...

Maria I love the gorgeous layout and the beautiful picture of your daughter! It is amazing!!!! I know what you mean about not forcing kids to do things. I think sometimes if you push to hard they wind up hating it rather than just being indifferent and possibly coming back to it! And how great that she enjoys guitar playing! That is so great that you encourage her to find her passion!


Jodi said...

She is so pretty Maria!! Love the cute pics! yeah, kids outgrow things like that so quickly.
But if they move onto some other activity at least they have experience in a little bit of everything. =)
Jodi =)

Marisa said...

Maria...that's the beauty of papercrafting! We can jump from project to project and we are still doing something we love! I am always going back and forth between scrapbooking and cardmaking! It's all great fun! Great layout!

Heather Schlatter said...


Even if it is more simple I think your layout turned out great!!! I love the cute picture too!!!

You are amazing girl!!!


Elena said...

Your daughter's picture is so cute, Maria! My son used to figure skate, but because the ice-arena was so far away from us, we quit it...

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