Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scrapbook Layout and The Greeting Farm Flutter Anya

Happy Sunday Evening, Friends!! Hey. .I created a scrapbook layout! Whoohoo!! Say "I'm proud of you, Maria". LOL! Seriously. .. it's a major accomplishment for me when I create a layout. Scrapbooking is not exactly my favorite stuff to do. .. I mean it's okay, but it feels like work for me because it takes longer for me to create a layout than it does a card.

Hey, I'll tell you a story. The photo in the layout was taken in 2002 when we went on a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. I've lived in Hawaii all my life and only visited the Big Island for the first time in 2002. Amazing. . .actually, not really. Many locals in Hawaii don't visit the other Hawaiian Islands as often as you may think they do. I think some tourists have seen more of Hawaii than many of the locals that live there!

Here's a few interesting things about the "locals" in Hawaii that you may be surprised by. Okay, these aren't scientific facts but just my personal observation living there. Many locals don't like going to the beach. Well, that's not true, they just don't like being in the sun because they don't like to tan darker than they already are. Some will avoid the sun like the plague. Also, the majority of the locals don't know how to surf or even been on a surfboard. . . ever.

In Hawaii, the only people you'll see laying on the beach tanning are tourists and Caucasians. Seriously. The local women will be under the shade or tree, with a hat or towel over their head fully clothed. LOL! The measure of attractiveness in Hawaii is quite the opposite for Caucasian women . . .Asian/Pacific Islanders view "fair complexion" as attractive . . .the lighter your skin is, the more attractive you are. It's a different type of "fair complexion". . .it's more the porcelain type of "fair" that is considered beautiful. Isn't that strange or what? Caucasians are trying to get as tan as possible and Asian/Pacific Islanders are trying their hardest not to tan! LOL!

Most locals I know go to the beach to BBQ or hang out in the shade. Rarely you'll see them in the water parading in their bikinis. Why? Well, Hawaii beaches have waves and it's silly to be in your bikini unless you want to have sand end up in your crotch area or have it swept off by the waves. We wear shorts to go swimming!

Anyway, here's another card I made. The image is by the Greeting Farm " Flutter Anya". I created this card for Danni's "Flutter by Wednesday" challenge. The challenge it to use punches or die cutes. I had a butterfly punch so I decided to use it for this challenge. I paper pieced part of Anya's dress and wings.

I added micro beads to the can sort of see it in this picture.
Someone commented a few days ago and asked me what I used to add the little highlights on my image. I can't remember who it was so I'll post it here. I use Sakura white gel pen. I just dot them on the image. Nothing complicated.
Hey, I uploaded the tutorial for that Mini Jacket Album I created a few days ago. Click Here for the Tutorial

Again, I colored Anya with my Copic Markers. Nothing much else to this card. Same ole, same ole!
Anyway, stop by Danni's blog and check out the Flutter by Wednesday challenge.
Hope y'all are having a fabulous day!!

Card Details:

Stamps: The Greeting Farm "Flutter Anya"
Paper: Stampin Up Holiday Treasures Designer Paper, DCWV Desigher paper, SU Cranberry Crisp, Pink Pirouette
Ink: Copic markers, Sakura Gel Pen
Accessories: Marvy butterfly punch, microbeads, American Craft Element ric rac ribbon, SU Word Window Punch, CB embossing folder, Prima Flower, Button (?)


Becky Carafa said...

Your page is so cheerful and fun, great job! I enjoyed reading your observations about locals. I would be one of the few caucasians under the tree because I burn like crazy. Ouch. So I will be pasty white the rest of my life, lol!
Anya is so beautiful, too, love the colors you picked for her.

Danni said...

I'm proud of you Maria! :-)
You made a wonderful page! I love hearing about the differences in the cultures.
Love, love, love your flutter by card!! Wonderful job and thank you for playing along with my challenge!

Risa said...

Hey Maria,
Your layout is beautiful and the pictures of you and your kids are beautiful as well! You are very pretty you know!
I think your observation of the local Hawaiian culture is very interesting. I think that among my race of people, staying out of the sun in the summer applies as well. I know I'm not a sun worshiper but my face and arms still end up a bit darker in the summer.
Your Anya card is very cute...I love the vibrant colors and the butterfly is a cute embellishment.

Bastelzauberin said...

Hello Maria,
Your layout is beautiful and the pictures of you and your kids are beautiful as well! You are very pretty you know!
I think your observation of the local Hawaiian culture is very interesting.Anya is so beautiful, too, love the colors you picked for her.

Silke X

Ila said...

Your layout is Wonderful!! and your card is Gorgeous!!...What an interesting post...Thank you so much for sharing this info with us. I'd be in the shade....the sun hates, Ila

Cami said...

Maria, you Crack Me Up!!! Hilarious and soooooo true! We don't visit neighbor islands cuz cost is too high to fly over, get a room, rent a car. Las Vegas is cheaper and free meals! We MUST get together when you come back to visit OK? We'll figure something out. Your Anya card is so cute but you should know by now you always make wonderful cards!I'm still chuckling over your analogy. But, I love that layout, it's beautiful with you and your children. So Hawaii! Visit soon OK? Hugs, Cami

de said...

I'm proud of you Maria! :-)

I LOVE the layout! So bright and cheery! Definitely very beachy! And the card is amazing too!

2 Worlds said...

Great layout Maria

Jennifer said...

Great Layout Maria!! I don't know why you don't do more scrapbooking! Your pages are always gorgeous.

I do understand about the time put into a page versus a card!! Sometimes I create a card because I get that instant paper fix, but i always feel guilty that i am not scrapbooking my kids albums.....

Michelle said...

Love the layout and butterfly Anya is adorable. Love your paper piecing! And the butterfly in her hair is a nice touch!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Ouuuu! Maria! Yes I most certainly AM proud of you. This is a stunning scrapbook page. I love that pic. I can't seem to get into scrapbooking (it does take a long time!) I loved reading about Hawaii. I went there once, and loved it. Spent a lot of time driving & visiting the gardens, saw turtles... I think my mindset is more local. I avoid the sun too and have never surfed, LOL. Your sweet flutter Anya is sublime! I love that little beaded butterfly & your gorgeous colours are always such a great pick me up! :O)

Nicola said...

Wow what a fantastic page and educational too. Love your wonderful "flutter by" card too. Superb crafting Maria. -x-

Tracy said...

Wow! All of these are fantastic!

Elena said...

your scrapbook page is so beautiful and so much fun at the same time!
Love your Anya card! So pretty! Really love the butterflies you added and micro-beads!

Heather Schlatter said...


This post brings back Memories. I remember when we moved to Hawaii it was the middle of December and we were moving from cold Missouri here we were out at the beach in our tank tops and shorts and the locals were walking around in Jeans sweat shirts and winter coats!!!

I do remember swimming in shorts and man the sand we brought home was a ginormous ammount!!!

Love the pictures Maria!!!


CreativeMish said...

I would make a good local! I like a tiny bit of sun. Even though my skin tans pretty good I prefer being in the shade! A little bit of color but not too dark. I don't want the Leather look when I get older!

Islander Girl said...

Aloha Maria!

You got me crackin' up about the locals! So true!!! Now that I live here I don't do the things I use to do whenever I visited! Sigh, I better start acting like a tourist and take advantage of Hawaii before we get transferred!

LOVE your Flutter Anya card! I think she's just so adorable and you did a great job!

Crissy Armstrong said...

Wonderful work! I love the detailing and the 3D effect!

Carole RB said...

Hi Maria
I really like your story. For us in Canada, Hawaii is Paradise. I never stopped to think about living year long in the sun. But you're right, you don't have to lie under the sun like we do but when we live in cold weather, we just want to bath in sun and heat! You are very lucky to leave there. I hope I made myself clear, english is not my language!

JackieLou said...

hahaha I think the Locals facts are so so similar with the all the filipinos everywhere well I think I'm not much one of them only because I love the beach and love getting tan... and sometimes think being too light as I am I sometimes think I'm anemic ahahaha. But I love love the page Maria... and you took such a great picture of it... Look at you so H.O.T. with that mid-ribbed halter. hehehe so pretty....

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