Monday, April 20, 2009

Beautiful RAKs from Beautiful Blog Friends and Video of Taylor Swift "Breathe"

Hi Friends!! The video above is a song by Taylor Swift called "Breathe". I liked Taylor Swift songs but never listened to her 2 albums in their entirety. The past week, I think I've listened to every song on the album on a daily basis. I don't think I ever liked every song on an album before until now. I mean every song on both albums are awesome. The funny thing, after listening to her albums daily, I started to feel depressed. LOL! Seriously. . .like sad for some reason. I don't know why. . .I think it's because some of her songs are about being in love, lost love, growing up, stuff like that.

I couldn't find a good Taylor Swift video of the song "Breathe" but I found one that compiled snips of the "Twilight" movie with the song "Breathe" as the background song. Listen to the song. . .it's a beautiful song and it matches the scenes from "Twilight" really nicely. I think part of the clips are also from Kristen Stewart's movie "Speak". . .anybody seen that movie? It's actually a good Indie flick by the way. Sorta depressing but isn't most Indie films depressing? LOL!

Just to let you know, I'm done with all the Twilight books. . .and am moving on to another book. I throughly enjoyed getting lost in the world of the vampires! I'm really looking forward to the movie "New Moon" which will be released in November. Although "New Moon" was my least favorite of all the books. . .I think the movie will skip the boring parts. . . well, I'm hoping they will. Anyway, I have to say reading the books was a fun ride! I recommend them to those who haven't read the books.

Now to the beautiful RAKs I received from such wonderful kind blog friends. This BEAUTIFUL thank you card is from Rita of "Rita's Little Corner". How sweet of Rita to send me such an elegant card. I think I've known Rita for close to 2 years. . .we met through blog land and I still remember when she first started blogging.

Thank you Rita, as always. . .you are such a wonderful blog friend. I appreciate your card. Stop by Rita's blog and say hello!! She has a lot of wonderful stories to tell you. . .I love reading about her and her life as well as see her beautiful work of art!!

This awesome gift is from Diane of "ddnjoys2stamp". I recently received her RAK and I was like "holy, moly!!" She sent me a wonderful set of stamped images and her beautiful card!! Wow, such an AWESOME card isn't it? I saw it on her blog and lemme' tell ya', pictures don't do her card justice. There's so many kind people in blog land, one of which is Diane.

Take a look at all those images! Wow, Diane. . .you're wonderful and I so appreciate your kindness!! I can't wait to color the images and make cards with them. There's enough to make a good supply of cards!! Stop by Diane's site and say hello! She's a beautiful lady inside and out!!

Okay, you all know Faith of "Stampin' with Markie's Mom". You all know her cards are GORGEOUS. . .well, in person her card "IS" gorgeous! I kid you not. Look at how beautiful this card is!! She sent me a card as a welcome for being a new member of The Greeting Farm design team. What a wonderful welcome!!

Thank you Faith. . .you are such a sweetheart and your card is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad to have received a card from you!! Be sure to say hello and check out all of Faith's gorgeous cards on her blog!

Last but not least, look at this wonderful gift that Denise of "Denise Loves Stamps" When I opened the package, I was like "no stinkin' way". . .I received these beautiful earrings that she made. Denise is one talented lady for sure. She not only makes beautiful jewelries, she also makes beautiful gift boxes and cards.

Thank you Denise for being so generous and thinking of me on Easter. My daughter and I are fighting over which earrings we'll have. Because I'm the Queen, I'll take both and my daughter can borrow them! LOL!! Be sure to stop by Denise's blog and check all her wonderful creations!!


JackieLou said...

Yowzers Ms Bell .. great Raks from great friends...

de said...

You are so loved! Can you blame people for wanting to shower you with gifts?! :-)

Risa said...

Your RAKs are very beautiful Maria...TFS!!!

Randi said...

How fun!! What a beautiful haul!

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Awesome RAKs, Maria!

That's a great song for the new movie! Perfect fit!

TFS :*)

CreativeMish said...

I love her songs! She writes from the heart! and so much for such a youngster! I love White Horse!

Elena said...

Gorgeous RAK you received! Thank you for sharing the video!

Rita said...

Your so welcome Maria! Love all your RAK's & yes it's been almost 2 years & I'm so fortunate to have you as my friend!

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