Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I've Been Up To. . .Jewelry Making

Hello Friends! Although I haven't been posting any paper crafting lately, I have been creating a few things but nothing related to paper crafting. Remember I posted something about changes with my blog for the new year (for those who actually read what I write) . . .well, this is a little sneak peek of one of the changes. There are going to be a few other changes. . .mainly the focus of my blog, just to let you know. Actually, the truth is there won't be any focus on any one thing . . .basically, things will be "unscripted" which will require that I change my blog name. . .***one of the words I used in the previous sentence will be part of my blog name ****

I'm currently learning how to make costume jewelry and working with beads. The two photos are of the very first two I created. I'm still learning and I mean I literally started learning the other night so if my earrings look really amateur looking, you'll know why. LOL! I'm watching YouTube videos to help teach me to make them and looking on the Internet for inspiration.

The first earring above is one I created for my daughter. She likes the color blue so I made a blue one for her. She doesn't like to wear earrings or any jewelry other than her cross but I think if I make them for her, she'll be forced to use them. I had to laugh about that thought.

This is the very first earring I made and this one I'll keep for my self. Not that it's particularly pretty but because it's my first. I actually wore it. I really had fun making the earrings. I worked on a few more but I'll post them on another day.

I've been busy doing other things as well and I'll show them to you on my next post.

Anyway, thought I'd post something and I hope you don't mind it's not card or paper crafting related. I guess you'll need to get accustomed to it because next year my blog will include things other than paper crafting. I will continue to make cards and post them but not daily like I've done in the past.

Hope you're all having a wonderful time this holiday season!!


Meera said...

Oh Maria, these are really beautiful. I'm so pleased for you that you are trying new things. I will miss your cards but anything you do just turns out so pretty I'm sure I'll continue to love your work {{HUGS}} Meera

Vicki G said...

Maria, I would love anything you create. Your earrings are very very pretty and my gosh, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! Wow.......Such a gorgeous smile and those eyes!!!

Looking forward to seeing all of your creations!



Diane said...

Oh Wow Maria! Those are gorgeous!
You are so talented,can't wait to se more creations!

Tanya said...

Jewelery making seems to go hand in hand with cardmaking... It is that creative thing going. I started making jewelery before I started making cards. Have fun!!! You will find that it is nice to see your creations. Warning!!!! Jewelery making is just as addicting as cardmaking and you will find you have to have every piece of equipment or just have more beads!!!


Erika said...

really beutiful!

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