Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dangling Crochet Flowers Agate Heart Shabby Chic Earrings

Hello Friends! I decided to work on earrings today. Because it's summer, I thought crochet earrings has a summer vibe so off I went and worked on it. I have a few rolls of thicker crochet threads that are stiffer so they work nicely as a jewelry component. They don't hang flimsy when wearing them.

To create the earrings I added a lucite flower beads to the center of the crochet flower and added a vintage pearl bead to the center. I added the an pink agate heart and the pearl beads to complete the earring. I think the earrings have a shabby chic, artsy look to them. . .kinda bohemian-ish.

I have difficulties taking photos of shiny things. . .in person the agate hearts are a bit more shiny looking. I'll work on earrings this week. . .I haven't created any jewelry items for a while now and it's fun to do something different!

I listed 2 sets of this pair of earrings in my Etsy Shop: Inspired & Unscripted

Anyway, that's it for today! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


Crafting Queen said...

Love your crocheted earrings!!!

dunk pas cher said...

so nice,thank you for sharing,

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