Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Shabby Chic Inspired Earrings

Hi Friends! I worked on a few more earrings. I love dainty earrings. . .soft and romantic. There's something very feminine about them. . .they're understated but still stand out. Creating for me is very random. One day, I'll love bold colors, the next day, pink, white, vanilla. Right now I'm in the soft color phase.

I won't go into the mechanics of the earrings. The components of the earrings are quite simple. I did use resin rose beads and a polished marble heart bead to create this pair of earrings. I used an antique bronze hook and findings to give it a more vintage appearance.

With this one, I used antique silver butterfly beads, vintage pearls and lucite flower bead. I'm waiting for a few bead caps that I purchased. Hopefully, they'll arrive soon so I can use them on the earrings. Bead caps give earrings a pretty vintage shabby chic look.

Anyway, I listed these earrings in my Etsy Shop: Inspired & Unscripted


Erica said...

At the risk of many of your readers being a bit annoyed with me, I gotta tell you that your earrings could sell quite easily for 3x the price you have them in your Etsy shop for. Now that said, I'll be surprised if these beautiful earrings last 24 hrs. I'll be back to check...gotcha on my bloglist.

Shoshi said...

These are really pretty, Maria! And I agree with Erica! People will fall over themselves for these. Keep up the good work!

Tejal said...

These are so so pretty!! I love seeing the work you create..I just jumped into making dainty charms myself...haven't got much of raw material..but will ask you soon for the best places to buy some raw materials!!
Thank you so so much for inspiring!

chaussures dunk said...

vous fashion.thank pour le partage

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