Monday, November 1, 2010

Give Thanks - Unity Stamps September KOM and Halloween Stuff

Hello My Friends!! It's November. . .Yipee! It's a month of gratitude, did you know that? Well, it is!! It's a month when we look at our lives and find gratitude in what is. . .there are so many things to be grateful for. . .for one thing, just being alive is a reason to be grateful. LOL!

I'll work on my "Reflections Album/Journal" today. . .I think I'm going to focus on creating "gratitude" layouts this month. I'll post it later when I'm done.

I worked on this card yesterday. The images are from the Unity Stamps September KOM. I finally found time to actually use my Unity stamps. I've been terrible with stamping for the past months. . .I call it burn out. I've reflected and reassessed my life and wonder what direction I should head for the upcoming year. Change is difficult sometimes but well, it's inevitable. . .it happens and we do have to accept it when it does happen. I'll figure it out before the new year starts.

How the heck did my finally using my Unity Stamps turned into a discussion of change! LOL! It's funny. . .that's how my brain works apparently. Only "I" can understand it most times. Actually, when I talk about change. . .it's about my blog and stamping, card making, and paper crafting. . .because I finally used my stamps which I haven't used since buying them, it made me think about what I want to do in the next coming months or year. It made me think about how to make blogging feel new and exciting again and what I should do about it. I've been blogging for close to 4 years and basically, been doing the same thing day in and day out and maybe I need to do something different with it. I don't know. . .I'm still mulling over it. . .:) I'll figure it out!

All I did with my card is stamp the images on card stock and cut the leaves out and layered them. There really isn't much to talk about. . .other than the stamping, I added lace and epoxy sticker to dress the card up a little. That's about it

Photos of the Day

Before I go, I wanted to share a few Halloween pictures from yesterday! Did you all have a wonderful Halloween? Well, we did. . .unfortunately, there weren't too many trick or treaters last night and now I have a ton of left over candies.

I did decorate our house a little bit. . .not too much. . .just enough to be festive

I like this "Boo" sign because it lights up at night

My daughter at the very last minute decided to dress up in a costume. . .she is actually wearing her high school "homecoming dance" dress, threw on a cape that she wore for Halloween in the 8th grade, and my step-son's old Halloween Wizard hat. LOL! Whala. . .this is what she came up with. . .it a actually turned out pretty good.

Here is her costume in full form. She is actually wearing my knee-high boots. . .you can't see it in the picture.

Anyway. . .that's it. . .sorry for the super long post. Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and that your November will be a fabulous one!! Remember. . .be thankful and find gratitude in your every day life. . .:)


Ida said...

Wonderful card. Love all the beautiful details (lace, leaf embellishment). Perfect for Autumn.
Great Halloween photo's. How fun that you used your intercom to greet the kiddies!

Anonymous said...

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Susan said...

love the photos; your daughter's beautiful!

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