Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Embossed Candle Tutorial

Hello Friends!! Happy Tuesday!! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything since Saturday. I actually finished this project and the tutorial yesterday but my camera ran out of battery and I forgot to charge my battery. What's this project? Well it's a technique on how to emboss an image to a candle. You don't necessarily emboss the image directly on to the candle but instead, you emboss an image on to a gift wrapping tissue then adhere it to the candle with a heating gun. Simple stuff actually. I posted the tutorial below if you're interested in trying it out.

I used the SU "Brocade Basics" stamp set for the candle above and used a glittery embossing powder to emboss the image. One of the leaves isn't glittery because I had to inverse the image when transferring the image to the candle so that it would go in the opposite direction.

I used a burgundy colored embossing powder for the flower. As you can see, it has a raised appearance. You can stamp an image on to a tissue and not emboss it; it works the same way but this tutorial is about having an embossed look to the candle.

Here is the second candle I created. This one is pretty glittery. The problem with working with glittery embossing powder is that the glitters have a tendency to fly around and melt on to the candle so you can sometimes end up with a splotchy appearance to the image. To solve this problem, be sure the embossing powder is completely embossed on to the tissue and tap the tissue before adhering to the candle to remove any stray glitters. This prevents stray glitters melting on to the candle.

Anyway, if you want to do something fun and different, try it out! It's a nice way to decorate a plain candle.

That's it for today. Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!


Unknown said...

VERY nice work. TFS.

paperpapier said...

oh, such a beauty! Thanks so much for the great inspiration. I have seen a lot of stamping on candle project and this one is Exceptionally creative and stunning...!! That's why I love reading you blog, always something beautiful and inspirational. Thank you again Maria, glad that you are still back with paper crafting/stamping project.

Esther Asbury said...

Fairly new to your blog - but I'm lovin' it! These candles are gorgeous -- I keep meaning to pick some up when I'm out to try some of the neat ideas I've seen for them. This one would rate near the top of my list -- so pretty!!!

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