Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Craft Space - Reorganized

Hi Everyone! Remember a month ago I had cleaned out my craft room completely and brought all my stuff into the garage. Well, the pile of stuff pictured above are all the stuff that I took out of my room and the hallway outside of my room. I put everything in plastic bags including containers, everything and anything that were in my room except for my desks. Whoa!! That's a lot of stuff, Maria!! LOL! Keep in mind, all the stuff includes EVERYTHING. . .including office supply stuff. It was a little upsetting because I just had reorganized my garage and I messed it up again.

I was going to take pictures of my room once I reorganized the garage again and show both the garage and my room but I wanted to take pictures of my room when it's at its cleanest. LOL! I returned about 60% of what you see in the garage back into my room. I left the majority of my rubber stamps that are wood mounted in the garage. My husband bought some shelves to store some of my craft stuff and I'm about 50% done reorganizing them.

The pictures are posted in the order of my craft from the entry to the left working it's way around each side of my room and ends at the wall exiting my room. My craft room is situated in the house in such a perfect place. It's located upstairs in the back, away from the other bedrooms. To get to my craft room, you walk through a long hallway and turn left into a shorter hallway. My room is right next to the laundry room and away from my kid's bedroom and our master bedroom so I can craft late at night without disturbing anyone. I also can do the laundry while I'm crafting because my craft room is right next to the laundry room. Whoohoo!

The picture above is my square craft desk that is situated smack dab in the center of my craft room. It's one of those tall scrapbooking tables that you can stand and craft on. I, typically, stand when I work on this desk but I occasionally sit on the stool when I get tired. I wish it was white but the store I bought it at carried only in this dark brown color. The desk is open on both ends so two people can craft on either side. The sides of the table have shelves to store your stuff.

The table has a pull out shelf that typically you store your paper cutter but I store my Scor-Pal in there. When I need to use my Scor-Pal, I just pull out the shelf.

I bought this table at a store called World Market and it was only $199. I mean that's a deal considering it's made with real wood not plywood or partical board. It was my Christmas present last year.

I decided to use weave containers rather than plastic containers because they were prettier. I store my brads and other embellishments inside. The containers are sturdy because they have iron framing.

This is the other side of the table where I store my "scrap" papers and cardstock.

I store my scrap cardstock and papers inside Ziplock bags and that are in a pull-out file holder. The file holder has wheels so I can actually move it around if I need it. All my scraps are organized by color.

This is the other side of the desk. Stored are my unmounted rubber stamps in binder folders, my Copic Markers, and at the bottom are all my templates and such stored in plastic file containers.

Here is another angle of my craft desk with my binders and markers. The binders are where my unmounted stamps are stored. At the bottom is where all my plastic templates are stored in plastic file storage containers.

I have only a few wood mounted rubber stamps in my craft room. I left the majority of them in the garage. I unmounted all of my Stampin Up Christmas stamps and stored them in a larger binders like this.

I also have about 6 other binders that store miscellaneous rubber stamps. Whenever I buy new Stampin Up stamp sets, I no longer mount them on wood but I automatically store them in binders unmounted.

Whenever I need to use the stamps, I mount them on acrylic blocks.

The majority of my "wood mounted" stamps are stored in the garage. I plan to unmount all of them in the future and put them in binders so I can open up some space in the garage.

This is my closet. . .it's a large double closet and I store everything else in here. What I like about it is that I can close the closet and it hides all my stuff. LOL!!

Prior to my reorganization, I had my stuff in baskets. Although they looked very pretty, they weren't very efficient as an organization system. I couldn't stack stuff so there were a lot of empty spaces. I decided to return to plastic containers because they were stackable.

This is the left side of my closet. . .stored inside the containers are primarily scrapbook stuff, ink pads, my Sizzix dies, reinkers, and other craft materials

Here are a few of my SU Stampin' Wheels. The holder is actually suppose to be used to organize spool of threads. You can find these spool organizer at your local craft store in the sewing section.

This is the right side of the closet. I store all my coloring mediums on this side and other powders like embossing powders,glitters, my tools, my ribbons, etc.

Here is a picture of one of the containers with my embossing powders inside.

In this picture, I pulled out one of the baskets out that store all my coloring mediums such as markers, pastels, watercolors.

This is a buffet that I converted into a craft station. A scrapbook store was going out of business and they had this buffet in their kitchen. They stored their coffee and stuff on this table. I bought it used and had my husband restain it and varnish it to make it look brand new. Whoohoo!! I store my envelopes and larger tools here, like my paper cutter, large punches, and other "tools".
I love this table because it's big and has very deep storage. It's also made of real wood. I bought it for $200 but I can easily see it selling well over $500 brand new because of the construction, the hardware, and because it's made out of thick maple.

This is what is on top of my craft station. I stuck my "scrap ribbons" on the iron bodice thingy that I bought a few weeks ago. Whenever I need a "scrap" ribbon, I just pull it off.

Do you see that slat board on my wall? Well, I had bought it from the scrapbook store that was going out of business for $15. In the store, they were used to display their packages of scrapbook stickers and such. My plan is to buy the hooks to hang a few packeges of my embellishments so when I need it, I can have them readily available.
Stampin Up now sells "wall art" - vinyl wall decorations called "Decor Elements" and I bought a few of them to decorate my walls. Check out the brochure here.

SU has a bunch of "word art" and this one above my computer desk is "Live Every Moment". I absolutely love it. Everyday when I'm in front of my computer, it reminds me to live every moment!! LOL!

Below it is another decor element called "Lollipop Flower". It comes in two sizes. I bought the smaller one.

Anyway. . .this is where I blog! LOL! Imagine me sitting at my desk, blogging, commenting your site, etc.! I also have my "Craft Robo" on top of my desk.

To the right of my desk is a TV that is veiwable from every angle of my room. Yeah, I watch TV when I craft. It's primarily for "noise". I don't like a quiet room. I get sleepy when the room is too quiet even when I'm crafting or on the computer.

The computer desk is actually a "craft desk". To the left is a cabinet that pulls out and this is where I store all my glues and liquid stuff such as Gamsol, art mediums, etc.

This is my "stampin station". This is where I "rubber stamp". The desk is constructed for rubber stampers. The drawers are 1" and 2" drawers that are made out of plastic to store your rubber stamps and punches.

I bought it from an online store called "Best Craft Organizer". They are a bit pricey but I tell ya', I LOVE this table. It's my favorite table. The framing is made of real wood so you don't have to worry about it cracking or breaking.

To the left of my desk is a "scrapbook paper/stamp" storage that coordinates with my table. Best Craft Organizer sells all sorts of organizing system that coordinates with one another.

Inside the 1" and 2" drawers are a few of my wood moounted rubber stamps (my favorites) and the majority of my punches. To the right of my desk, I have other smaller tools stored inside the drawers.
Again, I decorated my wall using the SU Decor Elements. This one is called "Create Definition". I absolutely LOVE it!! It defines my room! LOL! My husband says it makes my room look too "commercial". Ahhhhh, what does he know!!

To the right of my stamp table is an armoire. It was originally my daughter's computer armoire which she didn't want so I took it from her room and placed it in mine!!

Inside the armoire stores my sewing machine, bind-it all machine, Coombs binder, Zip Emate (similar to the CB machine) and all my CB dies and folders and sewing stuff.

This the wall leading out my door or to the right when you enter my craft room. Again, I decorated the wall with the SU "Decor Elements". I bought the medium size "Life is Good". It's a great reminder each and everyday when I enter and exit my craft room that life is most definitely good.

The flower Decor Elements is the large "Long Stem Silouette". It measures approximately 52 x 12".

To the left is the card display that I had bought for $20 at a garage sale. I couldn't believe it when I saw it selling for $20. I wanted one for so long but they were so expensive but it was my luck that an antique store owner was selling it at his garage sale!! I really lucked out.

The only thing I forgot to take a picture of is my shelf where I store all my cardstock. I couldn't fit the shelf in my room so it is located right outside my craft room door in the hallway leading to my craft room.

Anyway . . .it was an extremely painful experience to completely re-organize my craft room. I worked day and night to put it back together. The only thing I do recommend if you plan to completely re-organize your craft room is to remove things in your room in an organized fashion so it won't be too much work to put things back together. I made the mistake of just cleaning out my room by just throwing everything in trash bags in an unorganized fashion so when I had to put my room back together, everything was all over the place.

Well, that's it!! I'll post pictures of my organization in the garage once I'm done. Hope y'all have a wonderful day!!


Flossie's Follies said...

What a great place to get creative in, love the organization.

De said...

WOW! You have ALOT of stuff! I love your craft room! How do you keep track of which items you have? I try so hard to stay organized with mine but I can't seem to keep up. I have the same exact cabinet that you do (the wood one) that I use for my computer! Don't you feel so good after you've re-organized something?! Enjoy!

Savitri said...

Look at all that crap! HA! I'd love to have half of what you got!!! Wow!!! NICE! I LOVE your organized room and I LOVE World Market too. We have a bunch of stuff from there. Love the rubber wood too although I kind of feel bad when I go to Indonesia... ppl chopping them down too quick due to demand and the erosion. Still love those wood!

Mel M. M. M. said...

Drooooool! Your room is astounding. What a drool zone. You MUST have worked like mad to get it so lovely. Great work! Hope the garage isn't too painful. :O)

Jen Young said...

WOW!!! **insert jaw dropping photo here**... I am lost for words here. All I can say is "WOW", oh and "I Jealous"... LOL!!!

Great job girl - you did great!!!


Debra said...

Wow, what a fantastic room! You have everything in it's place and a place for everything! I don't know how you know where everything is - you DO have a lot of stuff. My craft room is always a mess becase I like to SEE everything I have! LOL!! So now that you're done, please come to my house....

Rebecca said...

I'm SO impressed Maria! I'm a former librarian and love organization so this room makes my fingers itch...I want to peek in every little drawer and box! I know you're such a busy lady but if you have a free moment, could you tell me how you mount your stamps in the folders? What do you stick them on? I have mine on the old peel and stick photo album sheets and they keep falling off...HELP! You're my inspiration!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

What a WONDERFUL room for creativity to flow!!
How do you mount your non cling rubber images to clear blocks?

Theresa said...

I really like what you did with the walls (Upper Case Living?) It's so peaceful.
Makes me want to do something with my scrap space.

Scrap Jaci said...

Love your new space...I see many new creations coming from this space!
I have a little something for you on my blog.

Have a great day!

retiredheather said...

I hope you know how fortunate you are and how jealous I am. what a fantastic place. So much to work with and so much space. Love it and I wish you many happy days in such a wonderful space.

Juliann said...

Looks great!!!!!
That was a lot of work!!!

Darlene L said...

Can I come play? Maybe in my dreams since I am not very close to you at all. It looks really, really awesome! darlene l

kathleenh said...

OMG Maria! Your room is amazing! You have inspired me to clean and organize my craft room when the kids go back to school. My husband built wrap around cabinets and cupboards for me last fall and it hasn't been clean enough to take pictures yet. This will be a good goal for me. Thanks for sharing your room with us!

Brenda ~ Scrapmilly said...

Wow your room is amazing!! Love the wall talk and your organization!!!

malieta said...

Wanna trade craft rooms?! LOL
Boy oh boy do you ever have a lot of stuff!! I'm loving your desk and all your neat storage cabinets and baskets. What a great place to just get away from it all!

Rita said...

Awesome, it loks so pretty & organized looks like a very peaceful place to create! You should be very proud of yourself, you did a great job & it was well worth all the work you put into it! I want to move in & creat in your room!!!!

wandykj said...

WOW!!! Your craft room looks AWESOME! My son moved out in May so I've decided to take it over for my craft room-going through the process of deciding on paint color, & overall design right now. Did decide to repaint my china hutch to use for my scrapbooking storage-I just can't wait, you've given me some great ideas to try, keep up the good work!

Diane said...

I'd be in heaven having a room like that,so nice and organized Maria! Awesome !!! TFS!

Margie said...

OMG! Someone has to wipe the drool off my chin :) Gorgeous room! How do you keep track of everything you have? Good luck to you and your newly organized room! It is a dream for me to have one of those someday... Enjoy!!!

specialcraftmom4 said...

What a WONDERFUL room! I really need to reorganize mine too! You have inspired me (:

Tandra said...

TOTALLY Amazing! Great job!

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