Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stampin Up Soft Summer

Hi Friends! Gosh yesterday was such a long day. We attended my daughter's college orientation for 11 hours not including the drive. Although the day was long, it was worth it. It was quite educational. It's funny how they kept emphasizing to the parents to "let go" and that everything is now "private"; that we, as parents, now need authorization from our child to access any of their records. Even the "financial" aspect of their records are off limits. Hello. . .we're the one paying for their education but we can't pay for anything directly. We have to funnel the money into our child's "bank account" and they will pay for any fees themselves. It's hard for parents because as parents, we are handing thousands of dollars to our child, not knowing what they are doing with the money.

I've always wondered when I hear of students who have been kicked out of college and all the while their parent were paying for their tuition and dorm without ever knowing their child isn't even attending college. I now know how this can happen. While at the orientation, you can see parents' mouth dropping when we were told that we have absolutely no access to our child's records whatsoever without explicit consent from our child.

***update: I forgot to add the direct payment from the child only applies if using a "debit, check or credit card" payment. . .parent's can still make a payment directly if using a check. LOL! If you read this before the update, you must have thought the school was unreasonable. Debit/check/credit card payments are paid through the child's school account that parents aren't suppose to have access to.

I already knew this but luckily, my daughter isn't the "private" type. She doesn't restrict us on anything but I can see as she gets older, she'll want to have more privacy and I'm fine with it. I want my daughter to handle her responsibilities herself and be a capable person. The sooner she learns to be responsible with her financial affairs, the better she'll be in the future. . .of course, with our guidance. The girl doesn't even know how to write a check. LOL!

Anyway. . .now to my card. Does the card look cluttered? A little bit, huh? I decided to use my SU Soft Summer stamp set. I had stamped the flower images on to my background. I also stamped a different flower image, cut it out and layered the image to create a 3D appearance to the image. You can't really see it but I added mini beads to the center of the flowers.

Hey. . I want to discuss Internet Explorer 8. I hate IE8 . . "Blogger" also hates IE8. Did you know it's IE8 that is causing the "abort" messages when you visit a blog site. . .it doesn't like the "followers" widget box so I removed it. It also prevents me from scrolling down when I'm moving my pictures while editing. I tried to return to IE7 but because I already have a much more current version (IE8) so it won't allow me to go back to an older version. Uggggh!

I want to change to Firefox but I would have to rebuild my "favorites" if I switch over completely. I do have Firefox and use it once in a while. I guess I'll have to use Firefox whenever I view blogs and edit my postings.

Anyway. . .enough of my babbling. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Card Details:

Stamps: SU Soft Summer
Paper: SU Tempting Turqouise, Lavender Lace
Ink: SU Markers, Tempting Turqouise
Accessories: Mini beads, grosgrain ribbons, buttons, Nestabilities, Embroidery floss


Heather said...

Hi Maria,

I love the colors on your card!!!

I have decided to finally etch some very important time back into my schedule to get back to commenting on my favorite blogs. I have dearly missed seeing and reading your posts and leaving you some love so I am back and ready to read and be inspired!!!!

I do not think it looks cluttered at all!!! Love the shimmery feel of the flowers!!!

Wow in Kansas Colleges the parents are still the ones that can pay directly they do not have to funnel the money through the kids WOW I do not think I would want to do that!!!


de said...

This is SOOOO beautiful! I love the colors and the dimension!

Its so funny you said all that about college. That exact thing (his daughter was kicked out all the while they were paying for dorm and school). They had no idea and the school would never release info. I thought that was so absurd! I mean really, you're paying the bills. What's the meaning behind it any way??

But atleast you won't have to worry about that with your daughter! How exciting is that! College!

Randi said...

Gorgeous card Maria!! Love those blues and purples!!
I like how the flowers float on top of the card!

I had an old version of IE and it worked PERFECTLY with blogger. My husband upgraded to IE8 without telling me. UGH! Now I have nothing but troubles. I just got firefox, so we'll see how that works out.

I still don't think you look old enough to have a daughter in college! :o)

PaperCrafty said...

Hi Maria! I love the colors and all the deminsion on the card! Awesome job!!!

I am so glad that I declined upgrading to IE8.

Creative Mish said...

Wow! What a beautiful card! I love love love the colors! Very nice!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh girl you always have the perfect touch, love your card, Hugs

Cathy said...

Hi Maria,

I love your card. I don't think it's cluttered at all. The colors are great!!

Wow, college. I'm going to have to go to my happy place after hearing your story, LOL!!

Hugs, Cathy

Risa said...

Your card is very pretty Maria! The flowers and color combo is beautiful!

The Wired Angel said...

Yes.. it's sad Maria that parents who are footing the bill don't have the parental rights that they should have.

But the real reason I'm here is to tell you that your card is stunning. I'm a CAS gal.. for the most part. But I think your card is darling.. very well done and so inspirational.

doris said...

I love the colors on your card Maria!!


Doris xx

Joy said...

pretty the colors and the layout. thanks for the FYI on child for me my daughter is a little too young to take care of it on her I'm still taking it in a check! I should direct deposit it! oh wells...have a good evening!

Rina said...

very gorgeous Maria, as usual!

Brenda said...

I love the colors on your card. They remind me of a peacock. Thanks for sharing your cards. You are very creative!

Lori said...

Very pretty card! Love the bold color. I don't think it looks cluttered at all.

Interesting info on the college thing. My oldest is still three years from college but wow, that's eye-opening about the privacy thing. That's going to be hard to adjust to.

Summerthyme Studio said...

WOW!! Maria, this is gorgeous! Just Gorgeous!!!! and nope, you're posts are never to long for me sweetie, I always love to hear from you!!!!



2 Worlds said...

Maria did you see my email?

When you change browsers I just did now, just export bookmarks from one browser and import in the other browser.

Renata van Miltenburg said...

Wow, what a perfect color scheme! It reminds me of Greece, realy love it. Nice layout also.

Hugs, Renata

Becky said...

I love the colors of this card, and those flowers are gorgeous.
I hate explorer, never have used it, I am a lover of Firefox, what people do not realize is that Firefox is also a safer browser then Explorer, and so many better features.
It is sad to me that one needs the child's permission to get their records, but be assured of this, if your child does anything wrong or destructive, it is the parent that will be held accountable.

Tina said...

This is great card - the colors are so vibrant and the flower images are perfect.

Tammy said...

Hi Maria
You card is just beautiful!

Ila said...

I love this card Maria!!...It is Beautiful!! (no clutter here!)
That does indeed sound like a long day. I'm not totally sold on the let go part as far as the money least not as long as the parents are paying. It's wonderful though that you and your daughter have such a great relationship..if something was amiss (which is unlikely I'm sure) would know....Hugs, Ila

Diane said...

Oh wow! It's absolutely gorgeous!
The flowers look like a broach!
You did a exceptional job as always!

Cami said...

Very stunning card, Maria! Beautiful, bold, striking colors together. Love your layout with all the dimensions...very rich. I, too HATE IE8. Nothing but problems for me. Takes forever to view blogs because I get kicked off so many times...almost at each blog grrrrr. It's slowing down my "blurfing" ugh! Have a great day. Hugs, Cami

Islander Girl said...

As usual another pretty, pretty card!!!


Savitri said...

Wow, look at all the layers. So so pretty!!! No, not cluttered at all!!!

Dawn Easton said...

Maria, this is GORGEOUS!! I love the the colours and layout...your layouts are always fabulous!
Glad the trip went well and you found out a lot of info! Is your daughter excited about college?!!!

Kimber said...

Hi Maria,
Loved this card, I thought it was stunning and it caught my eye right away. I just got this stamp set actually and have yet to play with it!

Just wondering, have you tried Import and Export to move your Favorites folder over from IE8 to Mozilla? That was the first thing I did and now I only use Mozilla. I find it so much faster and some of the add-ons are brilliant. Love it. You have any questions, just ask. TFS!

Elena said...

Wonderful card, Maria! I love the colors so much!
Sorry that orientation took you so long...
And yes, I have the same problem with the internet...

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