Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beautiful RAKs from Beautiful Blog Friends

Hello Friends! Look what I received from Ms. Denise of Denise Loves Stamps! She sent me this beautiful card! Denise have been such a sweetheart sending me beautiful RAKs. . .she's such a thoughtful person! I really appreciate it. I love the cute Tilda and her coloring is awesome! She added such pretty embellishments too! Thank you Denise for being so kind!! Stop by her blog and check out her beautiful cards and projects!

Here's a beautiful RAK I received the lovely Joy of A Place to be me! I participated in Teri's of Big Ideas From A Little Girl monthly "One Card Swap". Awww, Joy. . .your card is so pretty. Looks like a lot of love was put into this beautiful card. Her coloring is beautiful and all the embellishments were such awesome additions.

Okay. . .this is the inside of the card! OMG! It's so cool! I've never seen a card like this in person! I really want to try it out after I saw Joy's card. Despite its complexity. . .it's actually not so difficult to make. . .I think! LOL! We'll see when it's time for me to try it out.

Thank you Joy for being so kind. Your card is totally beautiful and so appreciated!

Be sure to stop by Joy's blog. . .her and Denise are big time RAKers. They are always RAKing goodies to others! That shows how big their heart is.

On a personal note. . .it's another day dropping off my daughter at the university and hanging out on campus. We received good news yesterday. My daughter received a 4 year full tuition waiver. I wanted to shout with joy when we received the letter yesterday!! Tuition at UC this year has increased by 20% so by the time my daughter finishes her 4 years of college, the total tuition will be at least 50 grand and this is resident tuition. . .can you imagine what out of state students pay. Basically, the full tuition waiver covers all of her tuition and fees for at least 4 years of college or until she graduates. My daughter isn't dorming so the only thing we will need to pay are her books, food, and transportation. It's such a relief. I feel blessed.

Anyway. . .gotta run! I need to head out the door! I'm hoping I'll find time to craft when I get home. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


Rita said...

Beautiful RAK's Maria!

I'm so happy for you & your family that is a BIG weight lifted off of you...I know cause I spent an arm & a leg sending my son to a university that was out of state & he got a small schalorship for 4 years. You all need to go out & celebrate! Congrats!!!

Marisa said...

Denise and Joy are awesome and very thoughtful! Very happy for you and your daughter....tuition for 4 years, that's great!! :) Have a good day!

Joy said...

I'm so glad you liked the card. I know it could never stand up to your awesome creations...I told, you set me up with Maria? yah. I said oh know...the pressure is on! then I learned how to make the tri-shutter card and it's so easy to make...just a lot of thought to see what to embellish it with. you always deserve such wonderful RAKS! you do such beautiful work!

2 Worlds said...

Wow that is awesome good for her !
University can be pretty expensive thats whyI have to begin to ave for Lucas now, lol

Kristine said...

Awww...SWEET Rak's Maria!! How fun to get such wonderful happy mail :)

doris said...

Beautiful... Wonderful... Wunderschön...!!!

Doris xx

Chrisd said...

What fantastic news for your daughter. College is such an enormous in the expense department and now at least half your battle is being helped.I will keep you in my thoughts as you travel each day to help her achieve her goal.
What lovely RACs and what care Joy and Denise gave in creating them.

rihani said...

You lucky girl Maria! Joy's card is beautiful! Big congrats to your daughter on her scholarship too! That is awesome!!

Elena said...

Very beautiful cards form your friends!
So glad to hear wonderful news on tuition! Congratulations!

Risa said...

Your RAK are so pretty Maria! I love each and everyone of them!
Congratulations on your daughter's almost free ride to college! What a blessing!

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