Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Card and a Little Rant

I haven't used this little cutie image by The Greeting Farm in such a long time.  I think I only used her once. . .pretty sad of me.  Actually, I have a gazillion rubber stamps that I may have used only once or never at all.  I'm pretty ashamed of myself sometimes. . .to have wasted so much money on craft stuff.  I've spent so much money on craft items it would probably make your head spin if you knew how much.  Fortunately, the money spent weren't money stolen from what could have been my daughter's college fund, life essentials, trip or vacation money or anything of that sort.  The money I used were bonus money or play money that I could use for anything. . .and I used them on craft stuff rather than say a designer bag or clothes.  But. . .I do know quite a few people who complain about how little money they have or they don't have enough money to pay for their children's college tuition or go on a trip but when you look at all the junk they've accumulated, like inside their craft room, it's packed with rubber stamps, scrapbook paper, crafting tools and whatnot, not to judge but. . .well. . .

Anyhoo. . .we all have our obsessions I guess.  I haven't really bought any new craft items for over a year other than the minimum amount I need to purchase for a Stampin Up club I'm in.  I don't visit the craft store much anymore and actually have no desire to do so which is quite amazing.  A year ago, I could not control myself from visiting a craft store at least once or twice a week. Someone had to literally chain me down to keep me from buying a craft item. LOL!

It's not that I don't spend money on anything pleasurable.  I still do but I spend my money geared more so in terms of life experience.  For example concert tickets, visiting Disneyland, paying for gas to drive to the coast or some sort of event that I've always wanted to attend.  I now desire life experiences more.  

I have so much junk in my garage and at a storage facility. . .stuff I didn't want to bring into the house I moved into a few months ago.  I am so overwhelmed as to what to do with all the stuff.  I can't even think straight when I look into the garage and I shudder when I think about visiting the storage place.  I do need to get rid of them but many of the items are valuable items. . .valuable for perhaps someone else, but not me.    The problem is I can't just donate them because they are expensive items.  Ugggh!  The dilemma.  My goal I guess in the next few months is to try to sell them. . .most or many of the items are "electronics" and well, I am so not tech savvy.  I'm at the basic level when it comes to techie things and I really don't care to elevate myself to being even a little  more tech savvy.  If I can call or answer my cell phone, text someone and post pictures on to Facebook . . .that's the extent of my desire to use my cell phone.  I know my daughter lives off of her cell phone that she carries it everywhere with her.  Most times, I don't even know where I left my cell phone.  People are always calling me and leaving messages and wondering if I'm ignoring them.  The truth is I don't know where I last left my cell phone and most times, I accidentally come across it a few days later. . .LOL!

Anyway. . .just my rant for the day.  I think I'll work on a few more cards today and maybe sort through some of my craft items and start selling the ones that no longer ring my bell!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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cdm317 said...

Great Card! I also tend to spend all my fun money on crafting stuff, I just can't help it!

Beth Norman said...

Cute card. Most of my stamps have been inked only once.

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