Monday, March 11, 2013

Revamped Card and Itty Bitty Earthquake

Revamping old cards. . .do you do that from time to time?  I have a bunch of cards that I made in the past and when I look at them today, my reaction sometimes is "meh".  It's either the layout, the embellishment, the image, or the sentiment that I don't like about the card.  But I think . . .what a shame to throw the cards in the junk pile to never be looked at again and what a waste of time and materials to do such a thing.

Sooo. .. .my solution is to grab parts of what I like of certain cards that I've made in the past and create a completely new card.  For this card in particular, I didn't like my original layout and the sentiment.  Actually, there was no sentiment to begin with.  I also didn't like the designer paper that I used for the card so I took part of the background image and pulled it off from one card, took the image from another card, added the embellishment and sentiment. . .whala! a completely new card that I actually like.

I have a bunch of cards that needs a re-do and if I have the mojo to do it this week, I may re-vamp a few more cards.  

By the way, we had a little earthquake this morning here in Southern California.. . .a 5.1 magnitude located in Anza, not to far from where I live.  My cat got a bit excited and started freaking out a little. . .me, I sort of sat in my chair and decided that the house wasn't going to cave in on me so I didn't do anything.  People in California have a tendency to be nonchalant about earthquakes because it happens so often.  Anyhoo, I read that it's not a good idea to run out of the house and it's best to stay put inside and go under a table. . .not sure.  Maybe I should do my homework in the case the big one happens one day.  I actually don't know what to do if a major earthquake occurs.  I am so unprepared.
Anyway, that's all for now.  

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