Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Cards and Day 1 of My Rebirth

Hi Friends!!  I think I talked about my "Rebirth". . .or did I talk about it on FB. . .I need to read my last post...haha!  I can't remember.  I think I've lost a few brain cells!!  Although I love eating and eating out at restaurants . . .I'm a serious Foodie, I've come to realize that I have become gluttonous and sadly, have become a bit chunky from all of the yummy food I've eaten in the past.  But part of what make my life fun is eating out.  My friend and I discussed cooking at each other's houses to try out new recipes but I hate the mess.  Maybe we can still eat out but maybe test out salads instead!

Anyway back to my rebirth. . .I don't know why I started talking about food again. . .I can't even control my thoughts when it comes to food.  Well, I decided to start exercising regularly again and focus on eating healthy.  I haven't exercised in months. . .and well, my bulging tummy is evidence that I better get my butt moving or I no longer will be able to see my toes.

When I say rebirth, it also includes other aspects of my life. . .I've had original goals set but because I've gone through some sort of happy mood hiatus, well. . .I sort of let go of some of those goals but I'd love to restart them again.  I started my new life adventure yesterday. . .starting off with jumping on the treadmill.  I actually saw my stomach shrink a little. . .not really but it's good to fool myself once in a while!!  It'll keep me motivated. . .hehe!

In addition to exercising. .I stopped by the grocery store and bought lots of veggies and fruits.  I even cleaned out my frig and pantry of fatty food.  They were expired anyway so I needed to throw them out but my plan is to not refill them with unhealthy food so it was a great way to start off my rebirth!

I'm not very organized with my goals right now . . .but I'll start off with exercising and eating healthy first. . .my little brain can't handle too many ideas at once....LOL!  

BTW. . .I did work on a few cards.  My goal with my cards is to not only use every stamp I own and sell those I no longer want but to use up embellishments as well.  I have so many dew drops, Prima flowers and designer papers, it's ridiculous!

I wish I was more decisive on what to get rid of. . .one day I want to keep them, the next day I want to get rid of them.  I need to stop being so wishy-washy.  

Oh my gosh. . .I'm rambling again.  Okay. . .I'll stop here.  Once I'm able to be more organized with my goals, I'll talk about them more.  BTW, today is day 2 of my "Rebirth". . .and the goal for today and this day forward is to eat less starchy food. . ooh, this will be hard because I literally eat rice every single day (because I'm Asian) . .as a matter of fact every single day of my life. . .rice has been a staple.  This will be one habit that will be hard to break.  I'll set a goal of eating rice only 3 times a week.  I think I can manage that.

Well that's it for today!  Hope you all have a lovely day!!

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Beth Norman said...

Great cards, and congrats on your rebirth. Good luck with you new ventures. I just lost 85 lbs at Weight Watchers. I'm 12 lbs away from my goal. You said it, fruits and veg are the key.

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