Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo Share #1 - New York City, San Diego County Fair, and Paris

Initially I was thinking of starting up a new blog to post photos I've taken and going to take but decided that I'll probably neglect it so I decided to just keep life simple and post my photos on this blog.  I actually started a blog last year of my photographs but posted once and never posted again!  LOL!

This photos was taken while on my trip to New York City at the Empire State Building.  How did I take this photo.  Well I put the strap around my neck and dangled my camera over the balcony so I could take the photo without obstruction.  Not to worry. . .there was another balcony right below so if my camera were to have accidentally fallen off, it would have fallen on to the next balcony below.  I guess it's a safeguard in the case people decide to jump off the balcony or accidentally drop their camera.  LOL!

This photo was taken at the San Diego County Fair last summer.  This is actually my favorite ride.  I always feel like I'm flying in the air.  I can't wait for all the county fair here in Southern California to start up again.

I took this photo while on a tour bus in Paris, France.  I'm surprised it turned out clear considering I took the photo behind a glass window.  The streets were rather empty because it was New Year's Eve.  A lot of the streets were blocked off because starting in the early evening, entrance into Paris by car is blocked off on New Year's Eve to prepare for the New Year's Eve events. Similar to Times Square in NYC being blocked off during New Year's Eve.  

At a certain time, you can only enter Paris via train and to encourage people to take the train rather than trying to drive in, public transportation is free in Paris on New Year's Eve.  It's also to keep drunk drivers off the road.

Anyway, I have more pictures to share.  I'll share more next time!  Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Jennifer L. said...

These photos are simply beautiful!! You inspire me! I have enjoyed your blog!

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