Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photo Share #3 - Rhine River Germany, Heidelberg Germany and the Rockefeller Plaza

Hi Friends!  Still sharing photos . . .nothing crafty today.  Honestly, I haven't stepped into my craft room for over 2 weeks.  I've been busy doing photography stuff lately. Actually,  I finally stepped into my craft room today and finished up a card but I'll share it on another day.  

I took the photo above when we did a short cruise through the Rhine River in Heidelberg, Germany or was it in Lucerne, Switzerland.  LOL!  We did two cruises and I can't remember if the photo was of Lake Lucerne or of the Rhine River.  It was close to evening and the skies were gray so I had to Photoshop the photo a bit to give it some life otherwise it would have looked gray and dreary.  On the rock is a statue of Jesus.  It was really pretty

I took this photo while on the tour bus while heading to Munich, Germany.  I think we were still in Heidelberg, Germany when I too this photo.  I was amazed to find in Europe that there were rarely any SUVs or trucks. . . .just all these small cars.  In most of Europe, the roads are similar to the US meaning the driver's side is to the left.  Not all are on the left side. . .the only part of Europe that I visited where the driver's side was on the right was in the United Kingdom.  It can be hazardous when crossing the street because you are looking for cars in the opposite direction . . .so be careful when you're there!

This photo is of the Rockefeller building in New York City.    I believe this is the back side or the side of the building.  Or even the front?  LOL!  I didn't know which was the front of the building but it doesn't matter, all sides looked great.

Again, a photo of the Rockefeller building.  This was the side that faces the Christmas tree and the skating rink during the holidays.  Rockefeller center is a rather huge building and plaza with stores and restaurants below.  At the top of the building is the observatory deck called  "Top of the Rock".  Top of the Rock quite honestly had a better view to some degree of NYC than the Empire State Building because you can see a view of Central Park and at the other end, the Empire State building across.  At the Empire State Building, you aren't able to see Central Park.  I highly recommend you visit it if you're in NYC!

Anyway, hopefully my next post will be something crafty!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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