Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photo Share #2 - Hollywood Sign, Oceanside Pier, and San Diego County Fair

Anyone who follow my blog are into photography?  I love photography but I always feel my photos aren't good enough, especially when I see all the beautiful photos I see on the Internet so I really don't like to share photos I've taken.  I'd like to take photography classes one day.  

My very first camera that I owned was in the 6th grade and through the years, of all my friends, I was the only one who owned a camera.  I would bring my camera everywhere with me and take photos of my friends.  The only problem was photos had to be printed and it was so expensive to have film processed back then.  Gosh, if digital cameras existed when I was young, I would have gone to town taking photos. 

Anyway, during the summer last year, my daughter and I walked up the trail up a hill in Hollywood across from the Hollywood sign and took a photo.  I believe the hiking trail to the sign itself is closed to the public but I was able to take this photo of the Hollywood sign. from across the way    Thought I would play around with the hue and add a little pink color to the photo.

I don't remember if I ever posted this photo on my blog.  I took this photo at the Oceanside Pier in San Diego.  On the pier there are restaurants you can eat at and there are a lot of people fishing on the side.  Oceanside beach/pier rarely ever get crowded . . .unlike Santa Monica Pier or Huntington Beach Pier so you can lay in the sun and not worry so much about over-crowding.

This photo was taken at the San Diego County fair last summer.  I love going to the county fairs here in Southern California.  There are actually three of them, San Diego, Orange County, and LA.  Honestly, I like the San Diego fair the best.  They had a lot more food vendors.  LOL! But. . .the LA County fair is huge!  I believe it's the largest in the country.  Problem is you have to do a lot of walking to enjoy the different sections of the fair.  

Anyway, that's it for today. 

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