Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog!! Yay! Blog Candy Challenge Day 5!!

Happy Birthday to my blog!!! Today is the last day of my blog candy challenge! You have until 12:00 midnight to submit any of the 5 challenges I've posted for this blog site and Card Inspired.

I added not one but two more prizes to the prize bucket. I added the Stampin Up Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon! It's 15 yards long so you'll have a lot of ribbon to play with! Whoohoo! The other prize I added is another clear stamp set by Hampton Arts "Art Warehouse Designs". The set is a tropical theme! Very cute. Okay to sum up all the prizes:
  • 1 stack of K&CO 12 x 12 double sided designer paper - 36 total (the designs are so pretty)
  • 1 Colorbox Petal Paint Pigment Ink pad great for regular stamping as well as heat embossing different colors (very versatile ink pad - love it)
  • 2 clear stamp sets by Hampton Arts. (very pretty designs - I bought each of them for myself too)
  • 1 package of 8 x 11.5" Stampin Up cardstock - last year's "In Colors". (very rare because it's retired - remember cool caribbean, cranberry crisp, true thyme? Love them)
  • 1 Stampin Up Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon - 15 yards (lots of ribbon to decorate your card and projects)

If you haven't participated in any of the challenges. . .it's your last chance. You have at least 12 opportunities to submit your name. Scroll down for the 5 different challenges for this site and stop by Stampin Inspirations for that sites challenges.


Blog Candy Challenge Day 5

"Tell me 3 crafting or blogging goals for 2008"

My 3 crafting goals are:

  • Use ALL of my stamps and every product, tool, accessories I have at least once this year or get rid of them.
  • Expand my creativity by using different techniques, creat different projects, and experiment with various products.
  • Put more effort into my scrappy projects: scrapbooking, altered art, etc.

The challenge for today is to comment on either your 3 crafting goals or 3 blogging goals for 2008. Submit your comment by 12:00 midnight tonight!

Good luck Everyone! I really had a lot of fun with this blog candy! I hope you did too!


Rita said...

1.I need to get back to scrapping, so my goal there is to make at least one day a week a scrapping day, I have too many books to make & have been slacking off of late.
2. Learn, learn, & learn some more techniques.
3. Make more cards so that I can have a stash for whenever I or my kids need a card.

Thank you so much Maria for this fabulous fun challenge, you rock with all your fantastic ideas! This idea was the best, not only for us but for you too, you got to know a little more about us, your readers. My hat goes off to you girl!

Shannon McGann said...

Another good challenge! Thanks so much for offering this amazing blog candy - it's fun doing these challenges!
My three goals for 2008 are:
- work more on scrapbooking
- find a new blog to visit each month (in addition to my "regulars")
- participate in more sketch challenges

Sonya said...

My Challenges are:
1.To use my time for wisely
2.Try new techniques
3. This one will sound weird but I need to stop thinking all my work is bad. I make something and then tear it apart. I never think Im good enough. I need to be less critical when it comes to my card making.

Cathy M said...

WOW you are going to make 1 stamper very happy win they see there name in the winning circle....and I hope it's ME ME ME!
Ok my 3 goals for 2008:
1) Try more altered items.
2) Get involved in the challenges out here blogland.
3) Try more techniques.
Thanks so much for such a fun time at the PARTY! You're the BEST!

2 Worlds said...

My goals
1- begin scrap all the pictures I sent to print more than 100.

2- organize myself better I have a tendency to begin 5 things at the same time and I do not finish them.

3- Be more direct on the style I want to do , I know what I like but sometimes is hard to express that.

Congratulations on your blog.

JenMarie said...

I have had great fun with your blog candy challenges!
Hmmm....Well a year ago I bought lunch tins and have yet to alter them! That's first on the list! I also have little tins to alter and some pebble things to make magnets with. I always LOVE everyone's projects but never seem to do anything but cards!!

Sara Henton said...

WOW! 1st of all that's some blog candy you're offering up so thanks for that. are my goals.

a) get better organized
b) use all of my stamps, whatever I don't use sell or PIF
c) improve in my craft (by using techniques and challenges)

Dawn Easton said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary!!! You are giving away some huge candy!!!
I think I got all the challenges...sure hope so anyway! lol
My three goals should be:
1. To get more into scrapbooking, I've got way too many pictures in boxes...ugh!
2. Alter those boxes, tins, and so on that I have been hoarding on my shelves in the basement!
3. To actually USE every stamp that I buy this year and not just buy them because...I need to have a purpose for buying and using!

Sue said...

Great challenge.....

1. to have a go at scrapbbooking...

2. To give my blog a kick start...i started but im stuck in as i know what i mean to put in but it never works out that way .

3. Find time to make more cards for charities.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Blog!
I love these contests! I never win, but I have fun trying!
1. I have been a scrapper for 8 years but jsut recently starting card making/paper crafting. SO, I need to try different things/techniques. The company I represent has great products, but I like trying to find a new way to use them.
2. Make more cards to have a stock pile. I hate it when my DH pays $5 for a store bought card!
3.Perhaps start a blog of my own. I think most people who are crafters or card makers use blogs. I haven't seen too many on scrapbooking...or perhaps I haven't looked in the right place.

Pat S. said...

Hmmmm...a New Year's resolution for crafting....

1. Inventory and index my collection of stamp did it get so totally out of hand?

2. Discover new techniques, especially those using DP.

3. Find a way to share my cards, in addition to swapping at stamp club.

Nicola said...

Ok here goes.

1. Make more time for card making
2. If I manage 1. then I will start a second blog just for crafting as right now I mix my craft stuff with a daily family blog.
3. Get rid of stamp sets I don't use - I am such a hoarder.


pescbrico said...

3 goals for my crafting and blogging :
1) Keep posting often
2) Use the stuff I don't use a lot
3) Learn to use my brayer

I may be able to do all that!

Monika/Buzsy said...

I goals should be:
1. make duplicate cards so I can actually send one out...
2. use all of my stamps...
3. stop buying so many new stamps...

Allison Rankin said...

1. Use my stash.
2. Accumulate some cards for donation.
3. Organize my card output thematically by some scheme (stamp set, DP?).

I figure this will last up till Jan 2nd...ha!

Jan Scholl said...

1-clean up the craft area and weed out the crap.
2-get a better lens for the camera and finish building the photo shoot box
3-finish scanning the negatives (50 years worth)

CreativeMish said...

1. Learn more techniques. I seem to use only a few, all the time.
2. Use all the papers and stamps that I buy instead of hoarding!!! I stamp alot but the papers must be multiplying!
3. have more workshops so that I can teach all my friends all the new techniques I'll be learning

Misty said...

Yeah, use what I HAVE is definitely a goal for me this next year.
also, try to go a whole month without buying anything scrap or craft related. That should get my creative juices flowing.

Linda SS said...

My goals would be:

1) Set a goal of creating 25 cards per week.
2) Use up the supplies I have before investing in more.
3) Send more RAKS than I did this year.

Alhambra Club said...

Wow, 3 goals, OK here goes
1. Share more of my paper, have so much, need to spread the wealth with my friends.
2. Use the stamps I have, that means cut down on buying every stamp I see in blogs
3. Use my stickers more often, have seen so many wonderful creations using stickers, need to be more creative with them. Happy Blog Birthday

ScrapMomOf2 said...

My paper crafting goals for 2008 are as follows:
1. I need to get back to my scrapbooks. I used to be just a year behind. Now I'm many years behind. I need to put some simple pages together and get caught up.
2. I'm going to try to get something that I make in a magazine! There, I said it. I'm going to try to be published!
3. I am going to get things done on time. I'm going to have my February cards made in January, I'm going to have my Christmas cards done in November . . . no more waiting until the last minute!

Geez, now if I only stick to these goals!!

kathy said...

Happy Birthday to Maria's 3 goals are
1) Make more cards
2) try different techniques
3) Post on my blog daily

SueB said...

my goal is to stamp more challenges this year

later, alligator!
- SueB of

Michelle said...

My three crafting goals for 2008 are:
1. To get my projects finished on time
2. To participate in challenges
3. To moderate the amount of projects I want to get done in a specific time frame

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria, My three goals for 2008 are
* Use me papers not just admire and look at them
* Go back to exploring my old stamps and not just use my new ones.
*Give myself the opportunity it scrap each event as it happens.

I love your site. Thank you Maria for all the effort you put in and all your sharing.


Cheryl KVD said...

I'm so happy that I am putting these down in writing instead of having them float in my head as a "someday" item to do...
1. join a design team
2. submit projects for publication calls
3. learn how to use my camera to maximize my photo quality.
These goodies you are giving away are wonderful! Anyone would be lucky to receive them!!
Cheryl KVD

Jules said...

1. To use all of my stamps, especially the ones that have never been inked.
2. To make my wedding scrapbook (I got married over 3 years ago.)
3. I would really like to get on a design team, I just applied for one (fingers crossed).

Jules said...


MissaTooU said...

Three things I hope to do more of for the year to come
1. Blog more like Daily
2. Learn more techniques
3. Do more scrapbooking
I am getting way behind on my pictures.

Anonymous said...

My goals 1. Try a new technique once a week. 2. Submit projects to pub calls once a month and 3. Do not start a new project befor I finish the current project.

Anonymous said...

My goal for 2008
To get holiday cards completed by August so I don't have this last minute stress.
Try new things.
Open a blog


tyrymom29 said...

My goals for 2008 are.....
1. to finally start a blog ...and make sure to update it
2.To work more on scrapbooking as I have tons of pictures I need to Beautify
3.And to try more challenges and not give up as fast ....IM new so not close to being as good as the ladies and Men in blogworld ( practice makes perfect right)
There are tons more goals ...I have to achieve also for 2008 its gonna be a busy year ....hehehhe

Tanja said...

My goals are:
to take better pictures of my projects
to update regularly
& to be more exacting with the details in my projects

Dawn said...

My goals would be 1) Get more pictures of my kids scrapbooked 2) Get all my crafting stuff organized 3) Post new things to my blog at least 2X a week. Would love those goodies! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Challenge. Here is my 3-crafting goals (since I don't have a blog);
1) Design a BLOG.....
2) Continue to donate my cards to a charity monthly (Ronald McDonald House - Coalition for the Aging - Nursing Homes).
3) Dream BIG on my creations!

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to get this in writing so I can "get-er-done". Kadie

Angel said...

I would like to make a Design Team, Do a Craft Fair and send all of my cards on time in 2008!

CreativeJeaux said...

I would like to:
1: Get really into my blog
2: Commit to a full scrap-day at least once a month (8hrs)
3: Start to use stuff more frequently than I buy!

Anonymous said...

1)Actually use some of the items I have purchased and just put away. I think I may surprise myself what I might find.
2)Work with bright colors. I seem to always select the Earth Element colors.
3)Submit some cards to the Rubber Stamper or Take Ten.Darlene

Gabby said...

Good one!

Ok, here goes:

1. Use up ALL I have with NO regrets!

2. Improve my stamping/scrapping.

3. Use more time with my stamping friends I've neglected trying to keep up my blog and SCS swapping.

Gabby said...


Anonymous said...

Love this site! I ran across your blog several months ago and fell in love with your cards and your sketches. I joined the MSN Group just because you were in it! I got a beautiful card from you, too!

My goals for 2008, besides losing weight and being a better person, are:
1. Finishing great granddaughter's scrapbook and our remodeling scrapbook.
2. Make my new Christmas Card altered books.
3. Be more creative and use the supplies I have on hand before buying anything new, even if it is on sale!
Thanks for allowing me to take part in your blog!
Granny Mary

terrygray4868 said...

My goals for the upcoming year are:
1. To get caught up on my girl scout scrapbooks. I am a year behind.
2. To get more organized so I can find my stuff when I need it.
3.Make more than 1 card at a time so I will have extras when I need them.


Janet said...

My top 3 goals for 2008 are:
1. Finish the inventory list on my stamps. I am about half way done(only a couple thousand more to go).
2. Make at least 10 Christmas cards per month so that I am not so stressed when December arrives.
3. Use up half of my stockpile of papers.
If I do all these things I will be thrilled!!!

Ila said...

Great Blog candy and Great Challenges.
My 3 goals are:
1. Make more cards
2. Participate in more sketch challenges.
3. Try new techniques and projects.

Anonymous said...

My 3 goals are:
1.Organize my stamps and craft room so I am more productive.
2. Share more of my cards making other people happy.
3. Get my own blog started while on vacation...which starts in 4 days yahoo!!!

Thanks Maria this was fun and so creative of you. Congratulations on your one year anniversary what a great achivement and thanks you for the many items you share with us.

Anonymous said...

1-Do more scrapbooking
2-Use more of my stamps in scrapbooking.
3-Get more organized with all my
stamp/scrapbook supplies.

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