Saturday, September 8, 2007

Swaps and RAK I received. . .Check it Out!!

Hello Everyone! I'm finally chippin' away at my long "to do" list. One of which was to post the RAK and Swap cards that I received in the past few weeks. You're like. . .how long can your "to do" list be. . .you're not working. LOL!!

Believe it or not but I have more things to do now that I'm not working. When I was working, my "to do" list was quite short because well, I really didn't have the time to do too many things other than go to work, do the chores when I'm off, take care of the kids, cook dinner, spend time with family and friends, and fit in some stamping time. Now that I'm not working, well . . . I tend to try to squeeze in projects and fill every minute of my time doing things that I couldn't possibly do when I was working. I'm sure you SAHM know what I'm talking about. When I was working full time, I watched more television than I do now. I rarely watch television anymore.

Anyway. . .I'm off the subject of the focus of this post. . .the card above is a RAK I received from Kim who has an awesome blog site called "My Angel Inspirations". The card actually is an envelope type of card and to open the card, the strip you see in the front slips off. Ingenious, isn't it? Thank you Kim for the lovely RAK.

Oh, wow! Check out the "Under the Sea" swap I received from Sonya! It's so cute. This is a "tri-fold" card she created. I love it. Sonya is living in the Netherlands. She is such a wonderfully sweet gal and I absolutely love her card. Thank you Sonya. . .your card is fabulous

Here is a super "twisted & demented" swap card from Gabby. It made me laugh when I received it. It's awesome! I love it. Gabby was also my swap partner for a "Fall" swap. . .scroll down for her other card. Thanks Gabby for the wonderfully hilarious card.

This is a lovely "Fall" Swap card I received once again from Gabby! I love the different layering and swirl background!! It looks fabulous. Thanks Gabby for the great card.

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Sonya said...

Thank you for the compliments Maria. Im so glad you liked the card.You make me want to work harder on my cards:o)

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