Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Messed Up but Fixed it Card!

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday! Okay, honestly. . .I really didn't know what I was doing with this card. . .but I kept going anyway. I think it came out okay in the end.

I ,initially. lightly colored the background of the wheel barrow but then I messed up so I cut the cardstock in half where I really messed up.

The coloring was still not to my liking so I colored the whole white cardstock around the wheel barrow with Copic markers. I then added the flowers over it. I would have thrown the image away and started over but I didn't want to "waste" the time I've already put into coloring the wheel barrow so rather than throwing it out the window, I did my best effort to fix it.

I'm the sort of person that cannot throw away something that I've spent time working on no matter how messed up it looks. It has to be REALLY bad in order for me not to use it. I will try to fix it before I decide that it is not worth salvaging. Are you that way?

My rationale is that I had spent precious time coloring an image and to just throw it away because I don't like how it looks is a major waste of my time.

Anyway. . .this image is from the SU "Blooming with Love" stamp set. It's a really cute set but not my favorite.

I know the layout is a little weird but I couldn't think of another way to lay the images out. I guess it looks okay.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Sunday!!


Stampin From My Heart said...

You often say how you messed up a card or image but I can NEVER ever tell that even after you say that it never shows. You do well at "fixing" them.

I think it looks fabulous!

Blesings & Aloha, Kim S

Chrissy said...

I don't see anything wrong with your card. I think it looks great!!

Monika/Buzsy said...

I think it turned out just right! Love the colors, the lay-out, the images... very nice Maria! TFS!
I often toss out images... DS usually finds them though. :o)

Rita said...

I think it turned out great Maria! When I make a mistake & usually its pretty bad (like dropping ink pad on image) I have to throw it out & start over even if its a small smudge that I can't hide it behind a flower or other embellishment, I guess thats the perfectionist in me. I also do that when writing out envelopes, I'll throw it out so I try not to make a mistake on envelopes now cause thats money wasted...ugh!!!

Ila said...

This card is Fabulous!!..I don't see any mistakes...but my motto as well is "A good artist knows how to fix or cover their mistakes"...there is no question about it ...You are a fine artist!!

Corie said...

This is just so pretty -- love all the layers!!

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