Thursday, April 3, 2008

WT135 BLING! Bring out the Glam! - Glitter Tulip

Hi Everyone!! Gosh, I'm behind on life! Why do we have to clean our house? LOL!! A few weeks ago, I asked my husband if we could hire a maid once a month and he had this incredulous look on his face! He's like "what??!!. . .you don't work".

What does that have to do with anything? I said "I'm a busy gal". . .and he's like "busy having fun". Well. . .so what? But, yeah. . .I'm still busy! LOL!!
Having fun doesn't diminish the fact that I'm busy, right?

I was just kidding about the maid but boy, it sure would be nice. Our house is 3,500 sq ft. . .and downstairs is all wood floors. For those of you who don't have wood floors. . .cleaning the floor is a pain in the butt! We don't walk with our shoes in the house because cleaning the floor is major work so no shoes at all touches my floor!!

Okay. . .cleaning wood floors is similar to polishing your wood furniture. If you think polishing your tables are a pain in the butt, can you imagine cleaning the floor? You have to sweep it, dust it, and polish it with a special cleaner and polish like you would your furniture. Instead of using your hands, you use a broom like thing with a micro-cloth that you use to polish the floor. I love how it looks but cleaning it is not my forte'.

I'm just kidding about all of this but argghhh, I wish I didn't have to clean my house. There's a lot of things I wish I didn't have to do. . .such as wash clothes, cook, vacuum, dust, polish. . .oh, and cleaning stainless steel appliances. That's another area that I really hate doing. No cleaner can clean them well. You can't use a scrubber because it'll scratch the surface and ruin it so you have to use a soft cloth that does nothing to clean it. You also have to use special cleaner and polish it. What's the deal with polishing? Sheesh, all these things are such high maintenance.

Anyway, enough of my complaining. Now to my card. . . I created this card for the SCS Challenge WT135. The image is from Inkadinkado again and the sentiment is by Fiskar. I colored the image using markers on watercolor paper. I cut the tulips out and layered it to give it a 3D effect and added glitter.

Other tools and materials used were paper from K&Co, cardstock from SU (Rose Romance, Wild Wasabi), SU small oval punch, CTMH My Accents Accessory Kit (swirl clip), Making Memories daisy brad, SU slit punch, and Sakura Opaque pen.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!!

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Rita said...

Gorgeous card Maria! I know what you mean about house work & other chores, I wish I had a maid too, so that I could just spend my time on computer, making cards & just doing the things I luv. Housework cuts into my personal time, hehehe!!! At least hubby does all the cooking, he started doing this about 23 years ago & I let him go to town, I never did like cooking & he took over all my recipes too & he's one terrific cook!!!! I'm so lucky & spoiled!

southernscraps said...

Great card. I sympathize with the housecleaning. I have tile floors that drive me nuts and keeping the grout clean is a pain. And it really cuts into my crafting time!

Hulda Pollock said...

Wow, you've been busy creating all these beautiful cards and I haven't even made time to come chech them out! *lol*
You know, I've decided that it was not a woman that came up with the "bagless vacum cleaners" idea! I've got a white carpet on the whole houe, even the dining area (it's a rental) and I have to wash 4 different parts of the vacum cleaner after each use....I'd rather just throw away a bag full of dust than have to breathe it in while cleaning the **** thing. I'm used to not wearing shoes in the house (Icelanders don't do that) but visitors never think to take the shoes off.

Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

What a pretty card!!! You always do great work with flowers. Maria, you sound like me in my posting today... cleaning and doing stuffs around the house. I was bitching... not about cleaning house, but about how people think that SAHM/WAHM do nothing... hahha... but sit, lay and play all day. hahaha... maybe once a year you can hire a maid... for either a birthday or anniversary gift! hahha... what a treat that would be, huh?!


Diane said...

3500 square feet!!!!! Holly Molly!
I wouldn't want to clean it either!
I agree,get a maid,lol!!
Your card is beautiful as usual Maria,Love the bling!!!

Elaine said...

You need to try the William Sonoma stainless steel cleaner! It's great! It helps clean off the surface and smells really good - at least I think so! We had to buy it for our refrigerator and the other appliances...SS things are REALLY high maintenance, aren't they?

We have lots of wood too, but I'm bad and don't clean them right - I use the vaccuum and that's not good...they're getting ruined!

malieta said...

You are too funny Maria!
I wish I had a maid to come in once a week too, this way I could play as long as I want to. I often wonder how some women are able to run an household and create something beautiful daily! After cooking,cleaning and helping with homework, I am to tired to do anything else.

Dawn Easton said...

Beautiful card Maria! Wow that is a BIG house and too much wood for me to clean too! LOL!

stampnmichelle said...

A maid is great (I have one) but at least once a week not monthly. Anyway she never cleans as well as you do yourself. I prefer wooden floors, it is so much quicker (& hygenic) to dust the floors than to vacuum carpet. Make it easier for yourself and DONT polish so often. A house is supposed to be clean enough not to be a health hazard but comfortable as a home. I have a saying I painted up in the kitchen "A messy home is a happy home - this place is delirious! Actually I hate a messy floor -if the kitchen benches & bathrooms are clean and table tops and floors are mess free then the whole house is good enough for me on a daily basis. Then I can stamp and garden to my hearts content. I love your colorful cards. I used your cards to inspire me to use my beautiful papers instead of hoarding them as I used to! One question: Do you start designing with your papers and pick stamp and colors accordingly or ...?

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