Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Hi Everyone!! Before I begin, I want to thank all of you for being so supportive about my needing to slow down on my blogging. I want blogging to be a good experience and not one that I feel I have to squeeze in when I don't have the time to blog. I've been enjoying my quality time with my family. It's been nice to be able to hang out with them rather than being always holed up in my craft room. I really appreciate all your comments. . .you are all such wonderful people.

I wanted to share a card I made a few days ago and the Halloween costume I made for my daughter. My daughter wanted to dress up in costume for school and we initially, looked around for a costume but holy, a nice costume cost $40 or more. I'm like that's NUTZ. I told her "no way" I'm going to pay for a costume that isn't even well made and to be worn for one day.

I told her that I would make her costume. She was skeptical at first but I managed to convince her that I'll do a better job than the ones at the store. Besides, when she was little I made her costumes so she should trust that I would do a banging job! LOL!

Anyway. . .this picture was taken before I put her make up on but I was in a rush to get her out the door and still have time to take a picture of her.

I bet you're wondering what the heck she is dressed up as? Well, she's an anime character (Japanese cartoon) The picture below is what we used to model her costume as. Not quite exact but I didn't want her using a school girl uniform and in a short, short skirt.

I bought the black dress at the Salvation Army for $5.00 and bought a netting sort of material. . .you know, the ones that you use to make tutus and such. I basically sewed the ribbon on to the netting, You can't see it in the picture but there's black netting under her dress and gathered the bottom to make it all poofy. All in all, her whole costume cost $12!! Not bad, Maria. . .not bad!!

Here is a costume I made for her when she was 7 years old. She was a bride. Everything was handmade! I liked this costume the best because she looked so pretty in it.

I bet you're wondering what this costume is about? She suppose to be a fairy! LOL! Do you see the frily white gown over her tights,? It's actually a lady's lingerie that I modified. LOL! I know her costume is a bit overworked but I worked really hard to create this get up!! The most difficult part of this costume was keeping her wings up. Arggh. It was so huge!
Do you like making your kids' Halloween costume? It's much more fun when they're little. They're kinda picky when they're older.

Anyway. . .now to my card. I had fun making this card. Do you see the the ric-rac border around the sentiment and the background. I used a Fiskar scissors to create it. . .not a die or punch. These scissors are great because they're cheap and you can buy so many different designs without breaking the bank.

I added a bit of Stickles glitter to the sentiment.

Such a pretty flower don't you think? I love these large Prima flowers. I have a lot of them so don't be surprised to see more cards with Primas.

Anyway. . .I hope y'all have a wonderful Halloween!


de said...

Maria, so cute! I know what you mean about price of costumes. Home made is so much better too. And your DD is beautiful! Then and now!

Linanna DESIGNS said...

Oh Wow Maria, what beautiful costumes you made!! I agree they are so expensive and not well made, you did a fab job, your daugher looks beautiful in it too!! And what a stunning card too. Nice to see you are still fitting in some crafting as well. Hugs Linda x

Jennifer Love said...

What a SWEETHEART! Loving seeing her as a little one and as a not so little one...she's a beauty for sure!

I don't have children so I don't have to make or buy costumes...BUT...I do buy my little dog one...this year she is a skunk. LOLZZZZZZ!

Little C's Creations said...

LOL!!!! Sooooo fricken cute!!! Love seeing your lil' girl grow with her costumes. Yea, when CY4 was lil', he was into all those Disney Characters, we had him dress as Tigger one year, but that was during the time Tiger Woods was a hit, and we painted "Tiger" on his top instead... man, I have to go look for some photos... memories!!! You're so good at making them costumes. It's nuts how expensive costumes are - when we were kids, we just put on some face painting and pau - ya? Good fun now though, because it's our kids. You did a great job on her costume, she's a cutie!!

Love your card. No go back and relax for the day.

Big Hugs n' Happy Halloween my friend!!!


Cindy Haffner said...

Your card and your daughter are both beautiful Maria, TFS.

Michelle Alejandro said...

Maria, your daughter looks so adorable! Love the the costume you made! Better than anything bought! I also love your card, great colors! Happy Halloween!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Awesome job Maria! Love her costume... it looks great! Do you want to make my son a cow or sheep costume? He needs it for hs Christmas concert and I have not a clue... TFS!

Anonymous said...

Sweet costume on a pretty young woman but a quick tip she is too young to start getting into the habit of a bad posture. but I love the fact she is always natural no need to plaster her face with all the makeup some young ladies wear.
Happy Halloween and I love your blog it reads like I imagine you to speak LOL

Linda Peterson said...

Great costume!! So glad to see another card. I have learned so much from you and appreciate anytime you do find time to blog.
Linda Peterson

retiredheather said...

Absolutely beautiful card. I am so impressed with your ability with the scissors. I can`t imagine trying to line it up plus keep it close. wonderful.

Chrisd said...

Love the costume. You did a great job!
What stamp did you use on your card? I love it.
Your in stamping,

Ila said...

Your Daughter looks Fabulous!! Great job on the costume!! Thanks for sharing the fabulous older photos too....Wow...what an amazing job you did on the wedding dress!!
Love your card Maria...I often forget I have those scissors..great idea!!..Hugs, Ila

Corie said...

WOW -- you are one of the most creative people I know -- those costumes are FANTASTIC!!! The card is beautiful as always!!!

Crystal Ware said...

OK, so the card is cute but your Daughter is adorable. That costume is amazing. I love homemade costumes!

Crissy said...

The card is beautiful, but your daugheter is even more beautiful! You did a great job on the costume too!

Elena said...

Hello Maria! I like the costume you made! Very cute! I agree with you that the prices are crazy for Halloween costumes, and quaility is very low. We bought for Sergei his Jedi costume on line last year. On a picture it was good, but when when we got it, in reality it was so bad. I remade it all!!! Now I decided also to make costumes.
I love the pictures of your daughter when she was little! Your costumes are awesome!
Back to the card - love the colors! Floweris so pretty! And another clever idea with the Fiskars sciccors!
Glad you are enjoying time with your family!

Teri said...

Talented!! Wow! I loved the costume you made for your daughter! I made all of Nolan's costumes when he was growing up too! Of course, I think it's different for boys cuz he did his own thing this year (he was a ninja). Love your card too!! xo, Teri

JackieLou said...

OMG Maria you are the funniest ever. I can't wait to start making costumes for my kids hehehehe. Well as soon as I learn how to work the sewing machine... hehehehe Oh yeah check the pink artsie for an award.... hehehehe

Enjoli said...

Thank you so much for the comment. You are so sweet. And I absolutely love those costumes. You did a great job on them! =) And love the card too.. Love all of the spakles. =)

Risa said...

Wowzers....What a beautiful Halloween outfit!!! You did a fantastic job on both costumes Maria and for only $13.00...what a savings!! I didn't buy any costumes this year either. I think $30.00 for a cheaply made costume is ridiculous. I brought the kids a mask instead and made-up their faces.
Your card is a beauty as well...I love the pink&black combo and the ric rak is awesome!

Rita said...

Wow Maria!!! Fabulous job on the costume! Your so crafty! Great looking card too!

Anonymous said...

Great job making her costume Maria! I agree that the ones in the store are so cheap and so expensive. When I was growing up we had to put together our costumes with whatever we had on hand. We came up with the most creative costumes that way.

Catherine said...

Such cuties in their costumes!!

Love this card - great patterns and love the colors!

Tonniece said...

OMG great costumes and your dd is too beautiful.

Very pretty card

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