Friday, February 4, 2011

1000 Awesome Things - Photo of the Day #1

Hi Friends! Honestly, I'm one of the worst when it comes to participating in any activity in blogland, online communities or groups, clubs of any sort, whatever. Although my heart wants to be part of it, my life basically revolves on what I feel like doing at the moment and if I have to be somewhere that is optional and not necessarily required, well. . .I usually don't show up if I'm not in front up of my computer or near the area at that very moment. I've tried in the past and I may pop in for the first few times and from there, well. . .it's iffy! LOL! So. . .I've stopped fooling myself and just don't attempt to do it anymore. I hate being unreliable when it comes to showing up or participating in activities because it reflects badly on me so it's best not to start in the first place.

Does that make me anti-social? Actually, I'm quite sociable. I love being around people, talking, hanging out, doing things with others but when this happens, well flexibility is the key to my ability to be present. Is that terrible of me?

Anyway, what does the picture and the title of my post have to do with anything. Well. . .a month ago I came across this post from the Brave Girl blog via Facebook and although, I don't think it's still an activity that is still going on. . .don't quote me on it, I decided to do it anyway. The activity is to take an "awesome" photo and show a sign somewhere in the photo that says "awesome". I thought, "well I think I can do this activity". It doesn't require that I be somewhere at a certain time and there's no requirements or expectations of me to do anything. It's all up to me. I always take a lot of photo of whatever I'm doing and post it on Facebook so why not create an album for it. So. . .yesterday I created a 1000 Awesome Things album on Facebook. In my case, I decided to eliminate the "awesome" sign and just take photos of awesome things. Hopefully, it'll remind me to take at least a photo a day . I'm hoping to hit 1000 photos by the end of the year. I can actually hit a 1000 photos in a month. . .LOL! But, I'll choose only the ones that I think are interesting.

So. . .the first photo I took for this album is the photo above. Gosh, it's so fitting. . .it says "In my world, I'm Normal". I took this photo while I was at the antique store the other day. I love taking photos of signs and this one caught my eye. I actually took a bunch of photos of different signs but I liked this one the best. After downloading the photo on my computer, the sign to the lower right caught my eye . . .I didn't even see it while I was taking the photo. After reading it, it made me laugh because I wasn't expecting it. . .it says "Mommy has a headache, you kids go play in traffic"!!! Cracked me up big time!!! I guess most mother can relate to that sign.

Anyway. . .just a little heads up on what I'll probably start doing regularly on my blog. Hopefully, I can stick to it. . .but in my normal world, nothing is ever set in stone!

That's it for today. . .or maybe not. . .I may have something to post later this evening. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!!


Judy Miller said...

I've followed many of your posts. You sound exactly like me. Restless, looking for something. Perhaps there is a hole in you somewhere that needs filled. I'm 63 and still haven't found the answers. I was given up for adoption at six months and adopted by a controlling mother. I've counseled for years and am better but not filled the emptiness.
I hope you find what you are looking for.

Carmen said...

In my world, I'm normal! I love this sign and maybe I'll make one up for in my home. To be honest...I'm not sure what is normal anymore. LOL!

I love the idea of taking a picture of awesome things. I need to get out my small digital and throw it in my pocket so I have it with me all the time.

BTW, I love your blog and your creativity!

Proudmoms said...

I love this photo. Oh, I have always hated that saying. "Go Play in traffic". When I heard it as a small child, even then I knew it was hurtful. I'd seen a lot of kids get told that. Though, I love the sign In my world I'm Normal.

Proudmoms said...

You know what Maria I am going to do the same thing.

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