Saturday, February 5, 2011

My First Sewing Projects - Apron Napkin Holder and Mini Pillow Frame

Happy Saturday, Friends! Before I talk about these sewing projects, be sure to scroll down to my previous post for information on the "Crazy 4 Challenges" challenge this week.

I wanted to post these sewing projects because I'm so EXCITED about them. For those that don't follow or read my blog, I've been taking sewing lessons for the past few weeks but we haven't sewn anything yet. We're just learning the basics right now but I wanted to test out the sewing machine that my husband bought me a few months back when I expressed interest in sewing.

I am a total novice when it comes to sewing so I had to take sewing lessons. . .I am absolutely clueless but I can sew two pieces of fabric together, no problem. I decided to work on a few simple projects to learn to use my sewing machine.

This project is an "Apron Napkin Holder" but it don't have to be necessarily used for napkins, I guess you could use it as a mail organizer, memo holder or whatever. You're not going to believe this but I used a "" SVG file pattern to create this holder. The file is the "Apron Invitation Pocket" file that is actually meant to be used for a "pocket card". I enlarged the file to about 15" in length and 8" width. I can't recall the exact measurement. I allowed a 1/4" seam all around and cut the pocket part off. The card pattern was meant to be folded but because I was using it for a sewing project, I applied "sewing" concepts when cutting the fabric. You have to do a little improvising but paper crafting patterns can be easily applied towards sewing projects. The finished measurement excluding the neck and waist tie is 10 x 7".

The lace, ribbon, pocket and prima elements were an after thought . . .added on after I already completed the body of the apron so I had to use liquid stitch to attach them to the apron. If I'm going to create this project again, I will add the decorative features like the lace and ribbons first before I sew everything together so that everything are attached with thread.

I used home decor fabrics so that the apron would be sturdy and I actually slipped a cardboard in between the front and back fabric and sewn it in so the holder would be stiffer and hold its shape. To create the neck and waist tie, I used a felt Stampin Up ribbon. This picture is the back of the apron which can be tied around something or just as a decorative feature. I wanted the design to look like a real apron.

As a decorative feature, I added a pocket and slipped in a prima flower. . .:) You can tell I'm a novice seamstress by the pocket. . .I didn't know how to sew a pocket! Hilarious! I'll get better at it. . .:)

This is actually the very first project I created. It's a 6x6" pillow that I decorated with lace, beads, and a lace handle. The heart is a photo frame that I created. I wrapped the fabric around a chipboard heart and glued on acetate on the inner aspect of the heart. I created a backing and wrapped fabric around it so it could be a complete photo frame. I then attached it to the pillow. The opening of the photo frame is at the top where the bow is located and all you need to do is slip in the photo at the top.

If you don't want it hanging, you can just lay it flat and it would look nice on top of a night stand or something like that. It works both hanging or flat. . .:)

Here is the photo frame I created. Again, I just cut out a heart on chipboard and wrapped the fabric around the frame and added beads and a bow. The photo is protected by the acetate that I added to the inner aspect of the frame.

Anyway. . .I had soooooooooooo much fun creating these sewing projects and I see a lot of sewing in my future!!! I can't wait to come up with more fun projects!!!!

Again, don't forget to scroll down to for my "Crazy 4 Challenges" card and don't forget to play along in this week's challenge!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!!


Vicki G said...

Lady, every project that you set your mind to is just perfect! You are one talented lady!



Sharon said...

Oh wow Maria... just love your projects. Both are stunning, but being a girly girl, the pink one stands out for me more. Love all those pearls and lace... gorgeous! Have a nice day!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

You are doing wonderfully --- I love the little pillow with the heart, looks great to me!!

amish bed frames said...

Wow! Everything is so nice and beautiful. I love the colors that you used. And the details are adorable.

Joanne (jojot) said...

you bring your same fabulous style to your sewing that you do to your stamping/cardmaking

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