Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Etsy Listing - Crochet Flowers

Hi Friends! I have no real project to post today but I've been busy! I've been working on crocheting little flower embellishments to sell in my Etsy Store. I figured many people out there are crafters and make their own projects but can't crochet or don't have time to crochet so I decided to create a bunch of them to sell.

The ones I have currently listed measure 1.5 x 1.5" and they're small enough for card making or scrapbooking. They are flat so you can layer them or add your own embellishments. I'm planning to create larger ones for crochet hats and other type of projects such as hair clips and such. I'm also going to crochet different types such as multi-layered, embellished and just different type of flowers. I'm thinking of creating different types of embellishments for people who may not have the time to buy a lot of materials to create them or don't have the time to work on more detailed embellishments.

The photo is large so the flowers are not this big! LOL! They're small. . .again 1.5 x 1.5". I prefer smaller crochet flowers on my cards. The large ones are too bulky for cards.

I hope you don't mind my posting what I'm selling. I'll probably work on a project this evening. It takes a lot of time to sit and crochet the flowers so I haven't had time to create anything else. Anyway. . .hope you'll stop by my store and check out what I have listed. I'd like to make a little money from my craft so I can buy more materials to create more projects. It's sort of a revolving circle for me. LOL!

Anyway, here are the items I've listed in my Etsy Store right now or Click Here to visit my store.

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Longvacation said...

Your flowers look great! I thought about doing that too, when I noticed people were using them on their cards. I never did try it. I hope yours are successful. :)

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