Sunday, May 1, 2011

Etsy Store Listings - Beaded Ribbon Lace & Metal Book Marks

Hello Friends! I finally listed a few items in my Etsy Store: Inspired & Unscripted! My seller ID is "CardInspired" Yay! I decided to take a leap and try it out and see how it goes. Hopefully, I'll be able to sell a few items. Stop by and check out what I've listed so far.

Currently I only have book marks listed. I'm planning to start listing other items such as paper craft projects, cards, other jewelry projects, shabby chic handmade supplies, crochet projects and finally, sewing projects.

Honestly, it takes quite a bit of work to list items . . .hopefully, I'll get a hang of it soon. LOL!

I made a few of these Shepard's Crook Metal Beaded Charm Book Marks and I have them listed as well as the ribbon and lace book marks I created. The prices are based on the cost of the materials and will run between $4.00 to probably $15 depending on the type of beads I use. Beads are quite pricey especially the bigger stones and beads. Right now, the ones I have listed are between $5.50 to $7.50.

The Shepard's Crook Metal Book Mark base is 6" long not including the jewelry component. It's made of antique pewter and have decorative engraving. The one pictured in this post is $7.50, primarily because of the beads that I used.

The charm is silver metal antique heart shape with a heart scroll engraving. I love pretty book marks especially ones that will last long. I don't like using the paper/card stock tag type because they easily wear out quickly. In my case, I tend to lose them as well. . .obviously, the metal and ribbon beaded ones are harder to misplace and besides, they are much prettier. Don't you think?

Anyway. . .I just wanted to let you know what I've been doing. The items I've listed are also shown on the right side of my side bar. Stop by my store once in a while and check out what I've listed. I'm hoping to list a few sewn items in the near future such as my bags, tote, and sewn accessories!

Below are a few items I listed on Etsy or Click Here to visit my Etsy Store.

That's it, Friends! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


Tracy.H said...

Congrats on the new store! I can't wait to see what other items you get up. I have thought about selling on Etsy too...maybe I will take the plunge soon too. Good luck! :0)

Adela said...

Wow! Very elegant! I love the designs with the beads!

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