Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Facebook Page and Give Away

Hi Friends!! I finally took a leap and decided to start up a Facebook page for my craft creations and as a support for my Etsy shop! I was debating whether to start one up but I think it just makes sense. I've had a profile on Facebook and many times I share a lot of crafty updates but not all my friends on my regular Facebook profile care about anything crafty so I had to restrain myself from posting too many updates relating to crafting. Now I can be free to be crafty wild on my page and discuss crafting and my friends there want to hear about it! Yay!

On my page I'll be sharing new creations that I worked on, tutorials, and also my Etsy listings. I'll try to make it fun for both crafters and non-crafters since there is a mix of people liking my page.

Anyway. . .I just opened up the page last night and I'm giving a prize away when I reach my 150 likes. I already am giving away a prize for my 50 likes so why don't you stop by and like my Facebook Page: Inspired & Unscripted and have a chance to win a prize when I reach 150 likes! I may continue to give out more prizes as I gain more likes.

I'd love to see you there! Click Here to view my Facebook page or click below. . :)

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