Friday, August 12, 2011

Pin Cushion, Crochet Flowers, and Beaded Stick Pins

Hi Friends! Happy Friday! I've been busy trying to come up with different projects to list on Etsy. On Etsy, sellers recommend opening separate shops for target items but honestly, it's hard work managing even a single shop. I would have to fill my shop with items to sell and well, I don't know if I have enough time to fill up two or even 3 shops. Unfortunately, my shop is beginning to look like a hodge podge of different handmade items because I do like to paper craft, sew, crochet and make jewelry so I have all types of handmade items in my shop right now. That's okay, the more variety the better, right?

I've been selling on Etsy for 3 months now and I'm trying to create different items because unless you already have a niche in the market, selling handmade cards is difficult. As much as I love making cards and love buying them my self, Etsy is pretty saturated with card sellers. There are a few sellers that are doing really well but they've been selling on Etsy for years. Because I'm new, well. . .I need more exposure which can be difficult when there are literally 200,000 handmade cards listed on Etsy. Two hundred thousand!!! That's mind blowing!

Anyway, about my pin cushion! I'll be making more of them. I really enjoy making them. Because I love Christmas so much, I decided to make a Christmas pin cushion!!! The pin cushion measures 5" round and 2.75" from the bottom to the top of the flower topper. It's made with cotton fabric and felt. I added pearl beads and a sewn flower with a pearl bead to the center.

Because I make the flowers to sell, I decided to use it on my pin cushion.

Other items I currently listed on Etsy are these beaded stick pins which I use often on my shabby chic cards. They're made with jewelry beads primarily glass and pearl beads as well as silver toned Tibetan spacer beads and bead caps. They measure 3" or 2.5" from the top of the pin's bead to the end of the pin. If you want to take a look at them: Click Here I have a few sets listed right now.

Although I currently have a bunch of 1.5 x 1.5" crochet flowers already listed, I decided to create larger crochet flowers measuring 2 .5" round with more petals and dual colors. The ones in this picture have 6 petals and measure 2.5". I haven't created enough to list them in my shop. I'll work on them and list them soon. I do have a bunch of the 1.5" round crochet flowers already listed if you want to take a look at them: Click Here

These crochet flowers are the 3" round flowers. They have 7 petals instead of 6. I'll make more of them and list them on Etsy in the near future! Because they lay flat and aren't bulky, they're great for cards or altered and scrapbook projects.

Anyway. . .I think I'm going to make a few more pin cushions and work on a few handmade cards this weekend!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday!

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Shoshi said...

All very pretty, Maria! I love your pincushion. I used to have a Chinese one with tight threads around it like that, and it had little tiny Chinamen all around the edges!!

Hope you do really well with your lovely things on Etsy.

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