Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Valentines Card and Photo of the Day

Hello Friends! Today is my first day of being allergy free and I'm beyond thrilled! I'm now in the creative mood and I decided to work on a Valentines card. It also works as an anniversary card.

Before I talk about my card. . .I wanted to talk about my blogging activities. For the past year or so, I've cut down on my crafting and blogging. I also stopped creating tutorial and cutting files. It's just that I no longer seem to have the energy or even the mojo to work on extra things. I really had fun coming up with new ideas for my blog and sharing what I've learned through my tutorials. I sometimes wish I still had the same enthusiasm and energy to create them but they take so much time to do that I had to prioritize my time. I may from time to time create them again but I just wanted to let you know why I haven't posted any new tutorial for a while now.

Now back to my card. I had stamped the heart image by Unity Stamps and cut the image. I did this twice then I mounted the stamps on to the designer paper with foam tape. I also created a fabric flower using a strip of left over fabric and crochet the flower with scrap yarn. I created a beaded pin using faux pearls and a heart bead to create the floral design on my card.

Do you see the lace with the ribbon? What I did was I took a grosgrain ribbon and inserted it through the holes of the lace to create the trimming. Some lace have holes between each design so by inserting the ribbon you can create different lace designs for your cards or projects.

Here is the close up of the beaded pin and crochet and fabric flower embellishment.

Photo of the Day
"Stairway to Steve Jobs"

This photo if of the Apple Store in New York City. It's located on 5th Avenue across Central Park. We walked passed it and I took a quick photo of it. The building itself is not an Apple building. . .just the glass cube entrance and the store is located below. You can't really see it in the photo but the glass entrance is actually a large cube shape. It has a 3D appearance in person. It's a pretty structure. I read that the store was on renovation and had recently re-opened. It cost Apple 6.5 million dollars to renovate. Isn't that a ridiculous amount? Now you know, for you Apple people, where your money is going. . .LOL!

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